Friday, November 30, 2007

Domestically Challenged

Well, to all those ladies (or men, whatever) out there, I must say that I do not possess one ounce of capability when it comes to cooking (as my sister can attest to). So, last Saturday (and trust me on this, I really need to gear up before I decide I'm-a gonna cook us a meal) I decide that next week, I WILL cook a meal. Phew. It was tough. But I managed. All I needed to pick up was chicken. So I had Dust cook the chicken (what a sweetheart-cause apparently that was just too much for me to do...) and I mixed all of the ingredients together for what else, man's favorite meal: a casserole. So excited he was, I tell ya. But alas, as I'm busy just a cookin' my oh-so-delicious meal of mine, Dust decides he's gonna cook chicken strips. Okay, not cool. The one (yeah, 1) day I decide to cook, he decides he's going to deep fry some strips of a flightless bird and take away from the grandiose meal that was to be made all by me (minus any side dishes whatsoever and the fact that he had, in fact, cooked the chicken). :( Boo.

But, long story short (only because I wouldn't want to bore you with the details of what or how I actually made a meal) dinner turned out a success and I think I ate more of Dusty's meal than mine; but helloooooo, he made onion rings and they just smelled so good and dripped of just the right amount of grease.

And then my stomach hurt. :(


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