Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahh, the joy of parenting... sorta.

Well, Dust and I aren't exactly parents yet, well not at all actually. But we sometimes feel that way. Let me explain.

My little nephew just had his one-year birthday party and we are all just completely dumbfounded at this lil guy's smarts. Also, he now has the fantastical ability to climb steps while NO ONE is looking. Sly and quick I tell ya.

Now while I am truly impressed with this little guy and how much I love watching him grow up, I also have been bragging about something that is truly amazing that has occurred in my very own household. Hands down, no comparison, but Jericho is already lifting his leg to pee... Jude just can't compete with that. I mean, talk about an accomplishment! Seriously, we are talking major "steps" in the area of muscle development and coordination, all while being only 9 months old. AMAZING! Truly amazing.

What other fascinating things has he done lately you ask?? Well, if you haven't seen our Christmas card, you just don't know what cute is yet. He actually, I know hold your breath, this is soooo exciting, kept his little reindeer ears on so we could snap a picture. :) Isn't that great?

Since I'm also on the subject, I might as well talk about his growth ratio in comparison to other 9 month-olds (just like real Mommys do). He is only a whopping 90 pounds! Well, a month ago he was 90 pounds; however, at the statistical rate of growth compared to time elapsed since last weigh-in he is probably breaking a buck already! Now, I am no expert, but I must say that a solid diet of (dog) food and water has solely contributed to his growth spurt and ability to continually pack on the pounds at such an exponential rate that he probably has far surpassed any other competitor his age. I would like to see any 9 month old child eat enough to pack on those kinda pounds. On second thought, I would actually rather not see a child of that magnitude (and I think a group intervention would be highly appropriate with those parents).

Okay, all kidding aside, he is just a puppy, we do realize this. We are only in our 2nd month of counseling for this, but it IS sinking in. Other than the diaper bag, the playpen, the "commands", and cleaning up toys, we are really no more than glorified babysitters acting like we could handle the big time status of being actual parents. Sad, but true.

And to all those who just plain hate it when people call their dogs their child, I have sadly elapsed into the reality that is that person. Dust and I are caught somewhat unabashedly referring to ourselves as "Momma" and "Poppa". And don't forget that Jericho also has Grandparents (he's just now allowed in their houses, how sad)! Ahhhhh! When did this not-ever-having-a-dog-growing-up (and thinking "those people" were all nuts) type person amount to this current total lack of humanity and sensibility person?! But alas, I must go...

...and wrap gifts for Dust... from Jericho! :)

(Pathetic, I know.)


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