Friday, December 28, 2007

The Holiday Shoe

Oh what a mystery you are, you holiday shoe. Why a mystery, because no one ever notices the pair of beauties adorning your feet... when you take one step across the threshold and and have to discard them there like they're trash.

See, the problem with holiday parties is all relating to the lapse of the shoe as an essential indoor accessory. When picking out an outfit, half of it depends on the shoe. You have to have a shoe to match your outfit, and your shoe should (really) be quite cute if you're dressing up at all. If you ever watch any of the makeover shows, you KNOW that shoes can make your legs look longer or just stump them off like they're stubs.

It is so disappointing to walk into a house for a Christmas party and take off the most fun part of the outfit only to think about how cute they looked while they were on your feet as you walked to the door.

So, to all those who were wondering why I didn't take off my new boots (good job Dust!) on Christmas, and my cute shoes that night, tis the season to wear a shoe inside, I say.


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