Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The joy of reading

Well, I just become enamored in the books I read. I must say that I completely lose myself in them and read them with a vengeance (if that's even possible) to the point that I'm done and look around to see the trail I've left in my wake of fervent speed-reading.

I decided last night I was going to start another book (it had been awhile since my last one, I needed a bit of a break after I breezed through all of the John Grisham books a little too quickly). And my goodness, did it just capture me. I started crying already in the Preface. Walking on a treadmill, reading a book, and trying to wipe away streams of tears, all while walking straight is sometimes just too much to do at once! The story is about a missionary woman who (after only one year of marriage) goes with her husband to their mission field and ends up being a prisoner of war. The Preface alone is just thanking her sons and current husband (the first one was martyred) for encouraging her to write the book. Ya don't know me unless you know I cry (all the time!), so this should be of no great surprise to anyone that it got to me.

Now, with Dust, he doesn't read at all, and I just don't get it. People are always trying to refer good books to us, so they'll ask "Do you read?" Okay, first off, "Yeah, I do, I passed first grade." But second, "Of course!" I shout as I get excited to hear what book they're going to talk about. I'm like a kid with a bat, already swinging at the pinata when it's actually time for presents, not heavingabatwithallmymightatabrightlycoloredanimal time. And Dust? He'll go "Well, I read the Bible." While I am not knocking that at ALL, I must say I don't understand. His lack of passion for reading is very clearly portrayed by the fact that he has taken over a year to finish one book! About a month ago he joked that it would be his goal to finish it this year. :) I laughed so hard I about spit water through my nose. (I'd say milk, only I don't drink milk, and I really am just kidding.)

But I do admire his devotion to the Bible. He not only listens all day to different sermons, Christian podcasts, and Bible readings, but he practices great hermeneutics as well. Muy impressado! But I digress....

And back to the story; since I haven't really actually even finished the first chapter of the book yet I'll have to keep you posted on the story. I had to quit after I got so emotional. Who ever thought that when you work out, you get more exercise lifting your arms to wipe your tears than lifting actual weights.


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Save some good books for me! I need a pile that don't need to be returned to a library. Translation: I'm sick of paying fines for forgetting about them :)


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