Friday, December 28, 2007

My favorite gift

First of all, my most favorite gift (and the reason for the season) is of course, you guessed it, can't wait to tell ya--Jesus. Of course He is the reason why we celebrate Christmas! Keeping Him at the center is really what it is all about and I hope every one of you has accomplished that this year!

As Christmas is also a time about giving, I thought I would share a couple of gifts I received. Little bit of background with the first one. If anybody has ever seen our bathroom, you know that the toilet is just a thing of beauty. Well, not really, at all. It has no lid and has about 13 hundred cracks in the bowl. Well, honestly, probably like 5, but still, it's gross (and no, it was that way when we bought the house). Now most would think, sheesh, they have lived there for... how long? Why didn't they just go out and buy a freaking new toilet? Well, we didn't. Not sure on our reason for that. So... Jesse W. good job on this, he gave us a new rim and lid for our toilet!! :) I was SOOOO happy. It was one of the best gifts ever!

Go figure. When you get excited about toilet accessories, you know you're getting older. Or just less interesting. However, we put that sucker on right away and threw out the other one the very same day!

My other favorite gift was a combo from Dust and his parents. A VACUUM!!!! YAY!!! Okay, so now I have become the least fun gift person ever, I do realize this. It's a curse. Practical is my middle name. But it makes me joyous! And, never forget the most important part of this entire gift; in all its glory... it's WHITE!

Of course, no surprise there. If you were surprised, you just don't know me. You really don't know me.

Christmas took a wild turn of events this year when Dust sheared a lamb and made me some fancy-pants slippers. I was super excited, then I saw the tag and assumed (correctly) that he did, in fact, buy them. The thought of the craft that he had pursued in the effort to produce the most fabulous gift (that I had oh-so-subtle-ly been hinting at for the past 3 years) had me almost in tears that he took the time to create, by hand mind you, and stitch on every piece of wool just was amazing to think about. But since I had said to him, this is the year I WANT my slippers (as was said every year prior) he came through and only since he had no time left to actually make them he did buy them. (He accomplished the last of his shopping on the 23rd... not too bad since we were opening gifts the next morning, but I, yes I, in all my unprocratination sense, had finished on the 22nd. Oh, I know what you're thinking... pretty impressive! I know, you don't even have to tell me!) But I was most happy!

Nevertheless, Christmas is not over, my goodness. We still have one more party and then we will be relaxing, me in my slippers and eating all of the chocolate that was given to me (wow, people sure do know how to make me happy)!


Dana Lohrer said...

Love reading your blog! You make laugh! Yes, Byron and I called each other mom and dad with Scooby! So don't feel too bad! Glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I am right there with you about the shoes! Have a Happy New Year and we will talk to you soon! We miss you!

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