Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pull out the suit and tie folks, it's INTERVIEW time!

For all of you out there interested in Dust's job "search" that consists of, well, one job, we have made some headway. Woo hoo! We are now exactly one month away from--insert drumroll--another interview! Alright, not quite the good news you were hoping for, but hey, he passed the most vicious insight into every sin and fault he's ever committed (apart from Judgment Day's analysis, this comes in second); aka THE background check. So what does that mean?? It's time to celebrate! With ice cream. Even though that common, household staple is already consumed every night in our house, why not add that we're celebrating while eating it (which only means there will be even BIGGER smiles on our faces). What's not to love?!

And no worries (Joshua), we decided something... we're going to buy a tie! I know, going out on a limb here, but we are branching out, that's the important thing. No more borrowing them! Dust will now have one... just one, that he will wear, and enjoy, and love, and to be perfectly honest, probably never wear again. But hey, it's the best I could hope for.

And my goodness, does he ever look sharp in a suit! And by suit, all I mean is black pants and a black button down shirt--but SHARP I tell ya, SHARP!

So in case there are those of you out there who are wondering what in the world I am even talking about, here's the latest update for us: Dust has been in the process of applying for a Corrections Deputy position with the Whatcom County Sheriff's office since this last July. He has been working his way through all of the steps and is now over half way done.

We're heading toward the end, and we'll make it soon!


Anonymous said...

This is me letting you know that someone is reading... give Dust my congrats on the tie:)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

So, what color tie are we thinkijmng? ( Seriously, so sorry re the typing, I cut my finger whiule unpacikjing today and have a huge bandage on my right middle finger) Monochromatiuc? Pattern? What's in lately?

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