Tuesday, December 4, 2007

R and F, baby!

So... curious why the title for the blog anyone??? Why the repentance AND faith?? Well, lemme just rant to you about my latest "thing".

Seems to me in our modern day evangelical state of witnessing, our prayers of acceptance of (faith in) Jesus into our lives (the oh-so-boldly penned "Sinner's Prayer") are nothing more than hogwash. Before you attack, listen to my explanation. First off, not EVEN is that Biblical! And well, I'd forget them in a heartbeat, so I'm just going to stop with the First and Seconds (and so on). :)

So, next, I would like to point out that Jesus' entire ministry of witnessing to people was none other than with absolute love behind it, as well as a presentation of the lack of repentance for breaking ALL of God's commandments. Jesus would always lovingly let people know that they have done wrong, they aren't (inherently) good people, and that they need to repent (ie., get down on your face and just proclaim your love to the God who just gave you more grace than you would ever be able to give to, well, everyone you know).

Ask and almost everyone will answer that they think they're a good person. Now, why would a "good person" need a Savior; why would a "good person" need Jesus; why wouldn't a "good person" go to Heaven; who in the world needs to humble themselves if they're a "good person" and throw off all sense of pride to get down on their knees to ask for forgiveness; how in the world is a "good person" bad when their relevant truth and beliefs don't tell them that? Post-modernism is the biggest hype of creating faux-Christians; just because it's your truth, doesn't mean it is truth; as Ravi Zacharias (the modern day C.S. Lewis) puts it, "Truth is relative to God's perspective". Period. Not ours. (By the way, little side note, if this type of study interests you, seriously look into the Truth Project by Focus on the Family!)

As my Grandma says, when you become a true Christian, you have a 180 degree turn around with sin; it's essentially as though you are driving along a highway (you utilize that oddly placed middle strip of pavement connecting to the "other side"), and start driving in the opposite direction that your life was headed before. You view sin differently, you don't enjoy living in sin, you cannot stand sin, you pass it by and don't even look over your shoulder with longing, you're excited about renewing your mind and self with Godly things, and you just plain hate sin! We all know that even Satan professes Jesus' name, so next time you hear someone say the "Sinner's Prayer" maybe enlighten them that they need to go one step further for true forgiveness of their sins (ie, the breaking of God's Laws and Commandments).

In light of (all) that, I ask you, when you became a Christian (and as you daily walk with God), if you've had a different outlook on sin and it's effects on your life and your relationship with your Creator, your grace-grantor, your GOD? And if not, repent!


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