Tuesday, December 4, 2007

White, oh glorious white!!

Well, if you know me at all, you'll know I absolutely love white! And yes, it IS a color! I love the freshness, the cleanness... just everything about it! I was fortunate enough for Dust to be okay with us buying an oh-so-beautiful, white car this year (after only about a month of whining). Aside from the jokes about it being an old lady colored car (thanks Dust), I just LOVE it!

But this brings me to this time of the season, where the best thing is snow! Now, maybe it is that Dust doesn't like snow because it is, in fact, (usually) white--except when Jericho can't tell the difference between where the porch ends and the lawn begins and decides to pee right outside of our door, lovely! I really had no point with that last statement, except to let you all know I really do like snow and that I'm about to talk about Christmas. :)

Okay, before I chase that rabbit trail too far, just wanted to share with you all (yes, all 2 of you) our lack of pre-marital counseling depth. Never once was it mentioned before we got married about the fact that one of us likes an all-white Christmas (this means all white lights folks, inside and out) and the other likes tacky, colored, bushels full of, big and small, crazy lights; basically like a shpritzer gone mad with oodles and oodles of skittles.

This time of year always brings about the "discussion" of the Christmas tree. So... let me just tell you that I have such a beautiful tree (other than the fact that it's fake and has about 50 less limbs than it should and that you can see right through it), it's white, and silver, and just plain pretty. Share with me in a collective "Ahhhhhh" as you just imagine and bask in the glory that is my tree. So as a compromise, yup, full of compromises over here, I say "Hey, we'll just have 2 trees; mine will be in the living room where all can see and just drink in the whiteness and yours will be tucked away in your game room where no one will ever know that we actually do own a strand of colored lights." Not quite sure why, but Dust didn't really take to my idea like I thought he would. His theory, "Well we're gonna have kids someday, so we'll have to have color then, and we'll have all their homemade ornaments on there anyway." My theory, formulated solely off of his: "We Don't Have Kids Yet! And when we do, we can have 2 trees... mine out where everyone can enjoy it, and the other colored catastrophe hidden away (maybe even with a blanket over top of it--just to ensure it is completely hidden)."

I must say though, that compromise did come to our house last year when he "colored" 2 bushes in our front house with red lights. See, I can handle some color. It's odd, though, that those strands have somehow gone missing... but at least we have the white ones to make up for that loss. They're just tacky... almost as bad as the blow up creatures that flail like crazy in the front of yards that when you drive by are almost whispering to you "I have now thoroughly embarassed the wife that lives in this house!" The idea this year... let's make a tree like the Garden of Eden. We'll wrap white lights around the trunk, green ones all throughout the top, and then little red bushels o' fun throughout to look like apples. Now I will admit, there is no question that his creative juices are running rampant, however, there is still just one problem... it's not white!

But hey, at least I haven't gone so far as to spend, what, 4 hours plucking off the colored lights on a prelit Christmas tree so I can replace them with white ones only to find that the lights don't even work (nice Amanda, nice)....


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Ha ha ha. Very funny. Well, at least I have SOME color on my tree (although it pretty much blends into the color of the tree itself).
Ok, idea for you.... you need to follow the VG tradition. Kids get a kid-sized tree of their own in their rooms to decorate with their own ornaments they have made. Jude's tree had teddy bears, some teething rings, and his first year of shoes tied on. So cute!

Danny said...

lol, why must you pick on dusty so bad? i mean, those multi-colored lights have their place, right? ... like, um, say... the deep south... or maybe... um... the mobile home park?
oh man, i'm crackin' myself up! anyways... we need to hang out again... and i know, usually i'm the lame guy who never answers his phone... but i love hanging out with you two (yes, you are included in the equation).
hope that the holiday season is going well for you!!

Dana Lohrer said...

YAY! So excited about your blogging! Love all of your entries! So wonderful! I like color I am just not big on multi! Everything must be uniformed! Totally understand about the tree! Congrats to Dusty about his job searching! That is awesome! See you on Tues. It will be our last one :( See you soon!

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