Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bread of life (and apparently empty stomachs)

I went to visit my sister awhile ago and went to church with her family; and it was a communion Sunday. Well, let me tell you that growing up, we had cut up pieces of bread in that little silver tray and my current church has those little morsels of saltine goodness... so when it came time to:

1. stand up and go to the front;

2. rip a piece of bread from an actual loaf;

3. take a cup;

4. pray; and

5. return to your seats.

Well let's just say I ran amuck on number 2. It came to my turn at the front and I approached appropriately and reached my hand out to grab a smidgen of bread (I may like to eat, but this is not a time to be selfish) and ended up just tearing out half the loaf. So at this point, with crumbs falling to the floor, my face reddening in just mere nanoseconds, and my guilty look up to the elder, I was having a dangerous fight inside my mind. "Oh my goodness, I just took half of that loaf, can I wrangle a part of it off and put it back?" "Well, no, of course not, I just touched it all" ... and so on.

"Ahhhh," I finally thought victoriously, "I am gonna smush that puppy into my hand and make it bite-size." And that I did (but only after showing my sister and telling her I was just too hungry).


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Heehee! I will NEVER forget that day! You had a whole lunch right there at the alter! I understand your I put it back? Is that a denial of Christ? Do the elders think I'm too poor for bread? Keep me laughing.... :)

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