Thursday, January 17, 2008

Idolatry in Marriage

It hit me like a brick. Well, not a literal brick, but the revelation far outweighed the impact of a brick.

The night before my husband was to leave on one of his monthly paintball trips, I was shook awake from the deep sleep that was my idolatry.

A sleepless night initiated my desire to do one of my favorite things-sit at the computer, have Selah playing in the background (it's either Selah or Lecrae, what can I say... I'm diverse!) while mastering my speediness in the absolute, easiest level of Jig Saw Doku (and well, crying, because that is just what I do... it is what I do). A side note for you: this, my friends, is just one of thee most intense challenges of Sudoku a person could ever master. Okay, well sorta. Or not, you know, whatever. But that is beside the point.

So, aaaaanyway, I sat down to hopefully bore myself into drowsiness, when, in actuality, that was the farthest thing from what actually happened. I was playing my music and really reflecting on God and His power in my life. Then I started thinking about Dusty and how HE was just so great and I was so lucky, and the list goes on. (All the while, of course, I was soaking up towels and overflowing buckets with my tears-can I just say that I have rather large tear ducts, seriously!)

And the Lord softly spoke to my heart and said, "Rebecca, dear child, you have placed your husband in a higher place in your heart than Me."

OH, WOW!!!

I totally had. Now I am having visions in my head about all the times when things would "go wrong" or when I would just need a shoulder to cry on. Well, to whom did I turn? My ultimate Comforter? Nope, my husband.

Wow, talk about an eye-opener.

Then I heard, "Rebecca, if you cannot let him go, I WILL take him from you." (And this is coming to me the day before he is supposed to fly to Chicago.)

Okay, okay, another confession; up until this point, I was literally fearful of what I would do if Dusty ever died. Fearful.

I just could NOT imagine my life without him and all the while I was simply cutting God out of it and replacing Him slowly with my husband. God honors marriage, He does. But not when it overtakes the place in your heart specifically designed for Him!

This acronym from childhood always plays in my head:
J - Jesus
O - Others
Y - Yourself

I was not submitting to JOY in my life, I had tweaked it to YOJ. And YOJ just does not make sense even as a word, so that is just plain no good.

Needless to say, since then I have correctly placed my husband (in my life and in my heart) right where he needs to be, number 2 (dos, TWO!). My awareness of my idolatry toward my husband brings me back to the 10 Commandments--commandments which I will always fall short of but will strive ever so hard to (impossibly) perfect.

Exodus 20:3-4b (NIV): "You shall have no other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in Heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below." (Emphasis added.)

Even your husband can become your idol. Be daily aware of how Satan will try to slip things past you until you start eliminating God and raising up your idol above HIM (whatever, or whomever that may be).

"In addition to all this, take up your shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." Ephesians 6:16 (NIV). Do NOT let Satan persevere!

(Permission is hereby given to P31 Woman Magazine for discretion in any use in which they may deem appropriate. This has never been published (or posted before) and is written by the author of this blog.)


Celly B said...

What a great reminder of our priorities! It is so hard to get them straight sometimes. I know that I can be accused of relying more on my husband than on God.

Miriam Petrofsky said...

Hi there,
My name is Miriam and I just happened to click on your blog randomly (which I think is totally God :) and I want to tell you... good word! Praise God that you not only listened to what the Holy Spirit was telling you.. but you acted on it! I'm so glad God is working in your life. :) We do need to be obedient to God's commands and set our priorities straight. God bless you!
In Christ, Miriam Petrofsky

Carol said...

Oh, I have been there. It is so easy to put your husband before God. It's something I have to keep a continual check on. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing this. It is really good. There are so many things we easily slip into idolatry with. As a single, I think I sometimes even do it with marriage when I say, "If only I were married . . . ."

Thanks for the comments on my site. I hope to "talk" to you again in the future.

Bev Brandon said...

Hey brown-eyed-girl...I just read your comment on Lysa's blog and was so touched by your humility and had to just come tell you that...humble yourself and He will lift you up---bet you are being lifted tonight

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

Ah you have been married for such a short time.
By the time you and your husband are married as long as my wife has put up with me, he will be third in your life.
I am third. I know my place.
My wife's Order:
1) God
2) dog
3) lucky me...

keep on smilin' kid...good blog.

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