Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Oh yes, oh yes, I am truly a rapper at heart. I do dance to the beat of my own drum, literally. Okayyyyy, not literally, but it sounded good.

Ever since I was little, I loved me a good beat. In 5th grade, we were finally able to take band as an elective. And believe you me, I was excited! I met with the music teacher and she asked what instrument I would like to play. I paused, and with as much drama as a 5th grader could emit, I stated, "the DRUMS"! After hearing, "Girls don't play the drums, you can pick another instrument", I was crushed. Well, not too terribly bad, but still, having to play a clarinet when you were about to unleash your madness onto an instrument that BOOMS was just not as exciting. So, no band for me.

My fascination with bass and ANYTHING with a loud beat continued into high school as I would blare my speakers to the point of no return, and that point is when your speakers blow. Boo.

Thereafter, and to this day, my favorite thing about a long car ride by myself, is my availability to utilize the 12" subs that just make EVERY SONG BETTER! There is nothing like a good praise and worship song with every hint of bass (even the bass that you didn't even know was in the song) just blaring well beyond the corridors of my car doors. Ahhhh, bass, how I love thee!

Anyways... my long tirade only serves a point in that rap music was my crutch for the longest time. It was my "hanging on" to the life I chose to leave behind when I became a Christian. Until I applied myself and got acquainted with some Christian rappers, I had every excuse known to (wo)man for why I could listen to my rap.

Now when I listen to "my" rap, I have tears streaming down my face as my head is bobbing to the music as they are preaching the gospel through their music that has the potential to reach thousands who would have never heard it otherwise.

When thinking about your own life, what crutch or vice do you need to let go of to truly rid yourself of the desires of this world in order to fully be in line with God's call for you as a Christian?


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