Sunday, January 6, 2008

Unjoyful Christian? Oxymoron or just bad grammar?

Regardless of which you think it is, it just doesn't work. Who are we to align ourselves to our Savior by using the name CHRISTian and then complaining and being sour in areas of our life? I know some people like this and it just doesn't make sense; and scarily so, it's sometimes me. Pity is not a Christian attribute.
We are to live as free people, set free from the tyranny of the devil. That's a huge obstacle that we don't have to face, shouldn't that in itself create joy?
My understanding of salvation is different from (what is now called) mainstream Christianity in that I have repented, put faith in Jesus as my Savior, and asked to wear Him as a badge of honor in my life. And this wasn't even when I gave my profession of faith. (It was a few years ago that it became an actual reality in my life.) Mainstream Christians who are paralleling their beliefs with that of the emergent or "love gospel" churches just don't seem to understand this (in general, not all). We've taken the gospel out of the gospel message.

The true gospel emanating through me creates an everlasting joy in my life that "no man [can] put asunder". One of my favorite quotes is still "Joy is not determined by your situation!" and I think I can attribute that to a Mr. Ravi Zacharias. GREAT theologian!
But how true that saying really is. We are called not to hate, not to get angry, to have control over our tongue; and how often these are the first to go when we get in a not-so-pleasant situation. What sense does that make to a world who doesn't know the Lord to see a bunch of followers getting angry, cursing, and/or complaining!?
If you are a complainer (like me), maybe check yourself and ask if God is really at the center of your life or if you need to readjust so He's at the forefront--then you won't be complaining!


Anonymous said...

I always inspired by you, your views and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Norman

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