Monday, February 4, 2008

The epitome of class (I am not)

As sad as it is to say, I will probably never be described as classy. With that comes a whole bunch of responsibility that I just don't think I could ever master.

When you look at my life it's probably the last thing you would even think when you see a woman who:

-thinks fine dining (aka nice lil dinner out) is the Olive Garden... with a coupon, mind you.
-thinks "good" wine comes in a box and belongs in the fridge.
-doesn't know how to deal with a new haircut... she has her husband cut it! (Eeee, turned out great though, I must say.)
-gets a little nervous eating finger foods at a tea luncheon (and, for that matter, has never had tea with actual leaves in it; just use a bag people!).
-orders dinner off the appetizer menu.-just got herself a pair of nice, new black boots after 4 years of the outdated scuffed ones--and didn't even buy them herself! (Side note: Thanks Dust for my Christmas gift!)

Basically, my life doesn't clearly reflect the sophistication in my soul that is just eeking to get out. Okay, so there's no chance of that either. But lest you think I'm a little homegirl from a small little town (well, you'd be absolutely right but that's beside the point) here's a picture of my new haircut from an actual hairdresser (along with my hubby who is my new hairdresser).

And, since I am absolutely no genius when it comes to styling my first real hairstyle, well, I told Dust he just HAD to cut it -- NOW! So, here is what it now looks like. And like it or not, it'll probably grow out to the exact same look I couldn't figure out before. :(


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I still love you, even if your idea of formal/fancy is slightly off ;)

Hurry up and fix your techie issues, can't wait to see the updated pic!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Also, welcome back from your hiatus...


Dana Lohrer said...

Becca, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It is so cute! You are so funny! I love reading all of your blogs! We miss you all so much! Love you!

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