Thursday, February 14, 2008

My best friend

Is it wrong that next to Dusty, my best friend in the whole, wide world may, in fact, be chocolate? Nahhh, perfectly normal. Or not, whatever.

Last night I NEEDED me a fix of some chocolate; so lucky me, I had stashed away a brownie mix. I whipped that puppy together faster than you could say "What time of the month...?".

I was just dancing with excitement from the pleasing aroma emitting from my self-cleaning oven (that is
white!). Ohhh, how gloriously divine it smelled. Gloriously! Divine! Yes, this is how I describe a box of $4.00 brownie mix. You see, my sophistication level is not quite up to the normal behaviorial patterns of most folks. (The fact that I just used the word "folks" in a normal setting in the year 2008 may also be an indication.)

Anywho, the brownies were done and guess who couldn't wait for them to cool off?? Oh yeah, I scarfed down my brownie faster than you could say "Oh, now I totally know what time of the month...".

I do know my limits though. They say in all health books and advice columns, eat a portion the size of your fist. So I did. Except it was Dusty's fist. And it was both of them.
Welllll, I got so excited and it just was over too soon, so I had to eat his! It just wasn't right. Letting it sit there in all it's chocolatey goodness. So, yup, I ate fists full of brownies all under the premise of healthful living. (But oh SO worth it!)

And tonight for the menu, chocolate molten lava cakes. Since it's Valentine's Day, maybe I'll share one with Dusty, but the REST ARE MINE!!!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

mmmm... lava cakes...

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