Friday, February 22, 2008

My day off

A day off.  "How nice", one might think. "Oh, how relaxing", one might say.

Ummmm, not if you're this girl and this is your ONLY chance to be home during the week.  Uh, yeah, strictly cleaning days.  And cleaning has been accomplished I tell ya.  My bathroom is now fully functional and is ready for a transformation.  I now have all of our "supplies" in different boxes throughout the cupboards and I must say, pretty fancy indeed.

When Dust and I started Kamo, we naturally assumed it would take off (and it did mind you, just with all our money).  Nevertheless, we had ordered a TON of boxes through the good ol' United States Postal Service.  Because, well, they are 100% free. :)

So I found the perfect size that I needed after digging around in our shed and now everything is organized.  I even have a box for all of the extra toilet paper.

Now, when my dear sister comes to help me paint it (going with the browns, and tans, and just a wee little bit of white!), it will look just perfect.  New paint, new fixtures, new postal boxes... what more could I ask for?


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