Monday, February 18, 2008

My sweet valentine

Oh baby, oh baby, my husband is a sweetheart. On Valentine's Day we both got home from work and raced to get ready for dinner. I ran into our room and there sat a bouquet of flowers with a note that just melts my heart. Hopefully you'll take the time to read it (below) to fully grasp the depth of Dusty's love and romanticism. I mean, we are talking DEEP, people!

Who wouldn't want to be described with the terms "velvet sweat" or "chest hair" or described as "with a nose like the space needle"?!?! Need I even ask? But, oh yes, absolutely beautiful beyond words. In fact, I was speechless. Literally.

After regaining composure, we zipped over to Conor & Laura's for dinner; our Thursday night Bible Study group all dressed up and got together (here are some of the ladies: Shelley, Trina, Laura, and I).

But here's my favorite part (aside from the letter that rendered me a'without word), on Saturday, we came home after taking Jericho to the dog park (BIG event, even called my parents to come--but they didn't) and I went directly to the computer to check my email (because that is just what I do the MOMENT I arrive home, okay?!?).

Dust just up and tells me to stay in there because he was going to cook dinner(!!) Oh wow, how fun. You may be thinking that feelings of guilt may have washed over me--but notta one! Thoughts of going in to help--nope. Offering to make dessert--nada. Making a side dish--ain't gonna happen. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie 'til it was ready--uhhhhhh, yup!

And, ohhhh, we had us a feast if I ever saw one. The food didn't even all fit on our table... granted, our table is the size of a peanut so that might have something to do with it. There were piles of garlic shrimp, mango salsa to go with piles of more shrimp for lettuce wraps (my favorite!!), salmon bakes, and stir fry (random, I know); all alit by candles and the aforementioned bouquet. And wine, of course, we still have the whole bottle left if anyone is interested. Needless to say, our feast was devoured very fast and a leetle too quickly. It was delicious!

So, raise your wine glass and join me in a toast that every day will be Valentine's Day and that Dust will be cooking every night!

(Oh wait, he already does....)


your favorite barista said... certainly does have a way with words......... the food did look good however.....

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