Saturday, March 1, 2008

Embarassed beyond belief

So I am all for a simple, white Christmas... anything else is atrocious. Seriously.

And speaking of atrocities, during the 2nd to last weekend in January, I drove by a house and (please forgive me) said "Oh my, it's almost February, puh-lease just take down your CHRISTMAS lights people! It's getting a little ridiculous. The season has ended."

I keep driving and pull up into our driveway and I. Just. Hang. My. Head. Oh how sad, our Christmas lights were still up. I coulda cried.

I think I might have.

But, on the plus side, we did have a housesitter come to our house while we were in Hawaii and he had never been to our house. Since most people pass right by our road before they realize it, we were like, "Hey, we'll turn on our Christmas lights and that's our house."

His response, "You still have your lights up?"

From a male. That phrase came from a man.

Mortification from my own Christmas embarassment, how sad.


Ceci said...

Well, here it is March 5th, and my husband just took down the last of the Christmas lights. I admit it. (Although in fairness, said lights were hanging from the roof and we've had over a foot of snow on the ground since Christmas...and they weren't plugged in and turned on or anything....)

Found your blog from Lysa T's, and hopped over when I saw you were in the NW like me. I can identify with the home improvement thing, especially the bathroom. There are five of us in the house with only one bathroom (there is a 1/2 bath downstairs that no one uses) and we are constantly whining about needing another one. I'm afraid to do any projects in there!

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