Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I dream of JEAN-eeeeeee

I really do dream of a perfect jean.  And... it could be said that the only way for me to attain said perfect jean, is to hire an actual genie.  But we'll see.

My sister forwarded me on to Fred Meyer to find a pair that she found fits her well.  It's made by Tyte, and the name alone makes me REALLY question if there is anything good that can come from this company, especially for human women with curves.  I truly, truly doubt it.  Worse??  The actual style is called Duplex.  Tyte Duplex.  Why would you ever name pants that?!  Because anything that fits over your "duplex" is gonna be "tyte"?  Yeah, pretty much.

But she just called me again with more names.  Ooooo, hold your breath for these!

Just kidding, these actually rectify my hope in jean clothing companies.  This new one is Laguna Beach.  Wow.  Ummm, I'll buy them solely because they remind me of Hawaii (and yes, I do know LB isn't actually in Hawaii **cough**cough** after I googled it to make sure...)!

The other one, (insert drum roll) is My Favorite Trouser.  OHHH-riginal!  I must say.  However, it holds no candle to the Double Dupes.

It seems the trouser jean has really taken off as a popular style.  I always read about them on boomama and bigmama's sites.  Not to mention the fact that What Not To Wear always gives a shout out to them because it flatters all.  As in everyone, as in all body types, all shapes and sizes.  Now THIS is a jean I could work with!

So, in case any of you were wondering, that was my latest way of hinting that if you could sign me up for that show, that would be fabulous.

And here's that link, because I am just that subtle.  (If you need any more clues for why I really should be nominated, just ask!)


We are THAT family said...

I finally found my perfect jean for this post children 5'2 frame. And I'm sad to say it's at a ladies store in a petite's true. I'm this close to Grandma pants. But they fit.

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