Monday, March 3, 2008

One house, one bathroom, one husband who can't shower

Whoops. So maybe my planning wasn't ideal. My lofty aspirations to just paint my bathroom whirlwinded down to the Disaster of 2008. It struck our house on Friday night and just tore it apart. Let me just say that no simple painting job can ever be accomplished when you buy an older house.

Oh my word, our shower panels are falling off because the caulking has molded... umm, do you see that there are linoleum tiles in our bathroom-I didn't even know they made those... we need a non-rusted mirror and light fixture... we might as well sand and paint the cabinets to really make them look sharp. Etc., etc., etc.

The calamity that is our bathroom is as follows.

The saddest part? That isn't even the worst part. Now, there is hardly a tool in there, no shower curtain, no nothing. Except spackle. Cause I love me a good spackle. And before you say I may have gone spackle-crazy, you had NOT seen the walls before. Divits, cracks, and lines, oh my!

If you were wondering, yes I did choose that paint color. Why?? I do not know, call me a crazy newlywed who thought it would be "fun" to have a bathroom that blinds you with color.

But, needless to say, it is now Monday and this project is still not near completion. Dust came home today and was thoroughly bummed that after working in the rain all day he couldn't even take a shower because WE HAVE ONE BATHROOM, PEOPLE! It is not fun.

My goal to paint my bathroom last Saturday was never achieved, but my sister and I did paint this weekend. My workout room is now in some stage of completion. I'll hold off on pictures until you may congratulate me for a job well done.

In other words, next year I may have those pictures.


Conor said...

Not only was the color blinding, but you had that smutty red heat lamp in the bathroom. It gave it a great grocery store sex novel style feel in there.

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

I was just trying to incorporate a little worldliness into our bathroom. Since we've never been to Brussels, I thought I'd bring it to our house, minus all that it implies. If you were walking in the red light district, there could very well be a skyline as blue as teal! Ya never know....

We are THAT Family said...

Your blog is great. . .enjoyed it a lot. Refurbishing bathrooms can damage careful. Keep the magic, okay? Thanks for visiting my site.

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