Saturday, March 15, 2008

Procrastinating yet again...

The second coat of paint that needs to be applied to the 4 walls in our bathroom is screaming at me to "just do it". But instead, I have chosen to apply my other skills and watch a movie. Which I did. Twice. And now I'm feeling kinda guilty.

So alas, there's nothing else I can really do except paint. Off I go to get in my grubby painting clothes and re-emerge in a couple hours thoroughly tan... did I mention the paint was a light brown? It's nearly the exact same as laying out for an entire afternoon. But not quite. At all.

Okay, well I'm headed out now, so I better stop writing and just go finish it. However, I could do the dishes, and there is some laundry that is also calling my name. Not to mention I haven't dusted in like, a bajillion and a half years.

But really, the only reason our house is the way it is has got to be blamed on the bathroom. Because otherwise it would be my fault and I just don't roll that way.


We are THAT family said...

Well? Did you do it? I'm waiting . . . I'll check back to SEE pictures :D

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

Uh, pictures... that level of completion is still MONTHS away!

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