Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It's official! I can tell ya now. Something, I repeat, something, has been accomplished to eliminate miniscule portions of the Disaster of 2008.

Last night we both got high on the fumes from the stain for the cabinets. Blah. But... on the plus side, the cabinets are now painted a nice dark walnut shade. On the negative side, the sink and counter no longer match. But do I care, one might ask? Nope. Not right now. Because this now means that the floor and the toilet can be replaced.

Okay, collectively, let's all just say, "a-WOO HOOOOO!"

We are one teensy step further with about a million and a half steps left in a house that just reeks, literally. It's really quite lovely, you should come over, EXCEPT you can't because I'm horribly embarrassed that you can't get past the front door without tripping on 2 rolls of linoleum.

Why 2? Well, Dust went shopping without me and thought I wanted something that I didn't (a little throw up appeared in my throat when I saw the coloring--oh I kid, it wasn't that bad, just not right) so I dragged him to another place to get the "right stuff". Oh yeah, we do not take
linoleum lightly. High quality stuff we got there. Our bathroom is small enough that we only needed a scrap that was left over. :( That almost makes me cry.

Sheesh, I'm loopy, throwing up, and crying; makes for a great story someday that is YEARS away from being remotely funny.


Conor said...

Glad things are getting better with the project.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Glad the project is coming along...well..smellingly (sorry, we couldn't resist!-we know it will be fabulous!)

kari & kijsa

We are THAT Family said...

A big Woohooo from here. Did you hear it?

Btw, I moved my blog to a new home.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hello!?! Where are the pictures of the progress????

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