Friday, March 7, 2008

Purses with pazazz

So here I am on my day off looking at for their clearance items (because let's face it, I am dutch, so "sale" just doesn't cut it for me, it HAS to be clearance) and I run across the hangbags.

And in my all out desire to imagine I could pull this off, I look at this one, which would just pop any outfit from blah to fun-kay. I love, love, love the price that's attached to it as well. I keep looking and I come to purses that are $9.99; while I didn't like any of the selection available, the fact still remains that in my head I said, "Oh, I would NOT pay 10 bucks for a purse, goodness."

When, in fact, I paid nearly 6 times that much for my current (cough cough, white, cough cough) purse (make sure you click on the WHITE one, just to really understand the goodness of color that it is because the brown one doesn't cut it). And with my overpriced purchase, I now have room in my purse to hold, well, a whole other purse because it is just that big.

We just went to Hawaii and I had that as my carry-on. Oh, I do kid. Although large enough to hold everything I could ever possibly need or want on an airplane, I utilized availability and took a camo backpack as well that was overladen with precious electronics that no one should go without... especially when you are flying over an ocean, you need to keep busy people. But since I don't understand the concept of downsizing, my purse was pretty heavy so a big thank you to Dusty for carrying his bag, my bag, and his Dad's laptop, and I think he was dragging other carryons as well for his Grandma.

Ahhh, to have a selfless husband (and a bag that's so large it causes your shoulder to actually ache)!


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