Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby steps folks

I had the lucky privilege of babysitting Babbalu last week Friday and Sunday. What a treat. I don't think the understanding of love for nephews/nieces has quite been understood by me until it was my very own, flesh and blood sister who had a child. Thanks to her, I understand the Auntie role much more clearly.

Having only experienced pet-sitting and house-sitting, an actual human type of sitting was, I feared, a little out of my league. But alas, I came in strong, fought the fight, and came out victorious! And even changed my first diaper. Just kidding, it wasn't my first. Well, it was. Is that sad?! I had managed for 25 years to escape the joy of wiping up poop as fast as you can so as not to be showered with lemon colored spray. It went well, it was compact. Phew. I mighta cried otherwise, or just let him squish all day. Except I'm not that mean and I didn't have the opportunity to test it out.

So I am inching SLOWLY closer to that next step with Dust and me.

Babysitting overnight. :)

(ha ha, fooled ya all)


We are THAT Family said...

Excellent! Want to come watch mine for a long weekend? Two out of the three are potty trained.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

So, are you saying you'll watch Bubbalu overnight? WOOT WOOT!!!

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