Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Right, I hardly graduated from a 2 year Associate's Degree. However, what is the internet if not to boost your self-worth? I just found my favorite website because it treats me well! It ranks the level bloggy readers have to be at to understand your blog. Well, here is what it said to me:

blog readability test

Why, surely you jest. (I would like to think higher of such great online opportunities to boast, but reality does sink in at some point.) I think it lied. Unless you count my overabundant joy at a flower, my little puppy-child, and for all things white to be at the collegiate level, my friends, this may just be a hoax. Sad to say.

So, do the testarola and lemme know what yours says! But remember, barring any coincidental bloggy catastrophies and inappropriate comments on your blog if you were to attain a higher status than mine, you may not want to let me know. Even though I'm pretty sure that's the best score ANY ONE could get.

(Crossing my fingers.)


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Same level for my lil ole blog!

Maybe I'll post something really awe inspiring and brilliant and hit the next level :)

yourfavoritebarista said...

I'm not even going to say what mine was....i'm really taking it personally though.

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