Thursday, April 3, 2008

Give me some o that WHITE chocolate!

My newest favorite item of the vast palette of expensive (and expansive) taste that falls on my tongue lies under the category of health and nutrition: white chocolate. After learning that white chocolate mochas are more of the milk chocolate variety, my new favorite drink is theeeeee whitechocolatepeppermintmocha. And yes, you HAVE to say it all in one breath, or it just doesn't taste as good. Really, it's true.

My parents-in-law have an espresso maker and my sister-in-law is a barista, in fact, she's MyFavoriteBarista. And I just love the combo of power at their house. Anyway, Victizzle decided to bring me desserts and treats all last week in celebration of my birthday (and, unbeknownst to her, to make me gain 10 pounds). She called from the local bakery "if one were to buy something at the bakery, what might one buy?" And in all honesty, I really thought she was seeking advice on this tempestuous choice. Then. I. Caught. On. Oh deary me, I get a treat today! And treat it was. Have you ever heard of a white chocolate brownie? Oh you can bet I will now be a repeat customer because it was oh-so-truly delightful! Not to mention the fact that she also brought me a mocha, as well as a whole pan of brownies. Not just a brownie, this time it was a whole pan!! So much for a diet of any sort!

Wow. Who knew chocolate had no bounds. Especially since, in all its glory, IT IS WHITE, my friends, WHITE!

And if enough weirdness doesn't already flow through the familial genes, check out the odd mirrored email that my sister just posted.


We are THAT Family said...

You know, I was just working away --until I read this and now I've got a HUGE desire for a bit of chocolate! Any kind. I've got a baby napping, so I can't leave. You've left me no choices, I'm off to raid the pathetic leftovers of my kids Easter candy. Thanks a lot!

yourfavoritebarista said...

wow, this blog makes me look goooooood!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

YUMmmmmm...white chocolate mocha...just YUM.

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