Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's all o-ver

Okay, well it's not all over, but the process has now started all over.  Dust is currently taking his written and physical to restart the entire hiring process.  While we had hoped we could beat the odds and get hired through the first round, it didn't happen so we're at it again.

And go figure, the test is on a Sunday at 10... have these people never heard of church?!  And if you're wondering why the little wifey typing this isn't in church... well my excuse is that we're going together tonight... because it's hard to go alone to church when you don't have a home church (we're currently looking).  So that's my excuse story and I'm sticking to it.

With this all starting over and with the process of applying to MULTIPLE departments, we have no idea where the Lord will lead us.  I have complete trust that where we end up will be where God wants us, but since that point in time is a bit far off, I am definitely struggling with a lack of patience because I just don't KNOW where we'll be.

So, lift up your coffee mugs this mornin' and praise the Lord that every finite detail is in His wondrous hands and that worry need not be a part of our lives, even the unknown parts.


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

We were thinking about you today!!! Let us know... :)

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