Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!

Yay, it was my birthday on Monday, and now I am officially a quarter of a century! No sarcasm even, I love getting older (at this point in my life), especially because I LOVE the fact that I would have never dreamed where the Lord would take me (and what He's taken me through) to bring me to where I am today, but would never, ever want to change it!

We had a nice little celebratory weekend doubling up on celebrating bday and anniversary because they are 2 DAYS APART! I am crazy, yes I know, a birthday and a wedding with an April Fool's Day in the middle really ages a person, oh yes it does. But we went out this weekend to eat more times than I actually ate. We really didn't, but it sure felt like it.

The most romantic thing, I must say, was that Dusty exclaimed he had figured me out. I smiled all sweetly just overwrought with expectation for an overly gracious (but oh-so-desired) compliment to sweep me off my feet and into his soon-to-be outstretched arms. "Okay, so... since your nostrils are SO large, all the dust gets just sucked right up there and then comes outta your ears. See, figured ya out."

Okay, wow. I mean, RO-MAN-TIC, if I do say so myself. Two things one might need to know about me to understand, if possible, that odd statement that came out of his mouth when I was expecting the word "beautiful" to be used at least once.

One, I have strangely large nostrils, especially when you consider the size of my face. I always said I was part black, it sucks that the only part is my nostrils. Oh, and I never (repeat, NEVER) blow my nose, unless I start suffocating on the snot build-up in the back of my throat when I have a cold or when I've sniffed so much rattling snot (you know the kind) that I've just performed the mating call of fifteen different wild species at the same time and Dust can't take it anymore and will make me blow my nose. Lovely, I know. Very refined as well.

Two, I produce an abnormally large amount of earwax. Another lovely tidbit about me that I'm sure you REALLY wanted to know. We go through Q-tips quicker than I can buy them. Bulk is no longer cheap enough, I'm talking shipments people. Needless to say, holding up a discolored yellow Q-tip and comparing it to his sparkly white one is truly a joke that only I laugh at. Not even a chuckle out of him.

It's a wonder Dust is still saying such sweet things after 3 years when there are so many great options for compliments.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becca
Happy belated birthday. Caleb and I's anniversary is also two days before my birthday. How interesting. Glad to hear you had a good one. Sounds like the house remodeling is going well. I need to set up a blog like this. It makes it easy to keep up to date with everyone. Hope to see you soon!! Happy 25th!!!
Love, Hannah

Dana Lohrer said...

Oh, Becca your never cease to amaze me! All of your blogs puts a smile on my face and just flat out makes me laugh! We miss you guys so much! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Its great to be able to keep up with you all. Also, happy belated birthday and happy anniversary! Tell Dusty Hi for us! Love you guys!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Happy birthday!!!! Love you!

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