Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My sentimental sweetheart

Dust is truly the love of my life. He is the perfect completion of me. Where I am weak, he is strong; what I lack, he makes up for in abundance. God KNEW what He was doing when He matched us together. (Obviously, being omniscient kinda helps out a wee bit in that area.)

This weekend we had a choice between 2 rooms. One had a king bed and the other had a queen bed with posts. No worries, this won't go into detail. Dust asked which one I wanted and I didn't care. But he inched me toward the one that was the same as our first night together. It was sweet that he thought like that, especially because I don't.

Then today, he brought me flowers at work. A BEAUTIFUL bouquet with flowers I've never seen, which doesn't take much since my thumb is as far from green as the color wheel allows. (I killed a cactus, okay?!) He asked if I liked the colors, white and coralish. I said "Yeah, I love 'em!" Good, cause they're the colors of our wedding.

Awwww, that's so true. Awwww, I hadn't even remembered that. Which one should I cry over? I just don't know.


yourfavoritebarista said...
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yourfavoritebarista said...

just when you're about to give up on him after the whole nose and earwax thing, he does this:)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Happy Anni you lovebirds!

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