Monday, April 21, 2008

No I will NOT give back your spoon

Last night Dust and I went to bed early to watch a movie before going to sleep. Normally, this is just my routine, and he'll shuffle in later after draining his finger strength on the power that sucks him in and makes him mesmerized for hours--video games.

He came to bed with a chicken wrap and ice cream. Because, doesn't everybody?! A quick side note, the chicken was made for the second time in 3 days (no complaints, I didn't have to make it), and was deep-fried. If you have ever met my stomach, you will know that: 1. any food made with more than 3 ingredients, and 2. anything that isn't hand picked directly from the ground will make it contentious, wreak havoc, and work with other unmentionable body parts to make me highly uncomfortable for the next 5 hours. I could NOT figure out why I felt sick for much of the weekend, and then I watched Dust make his second round of poultrified parmesan bake and dip it in a one inch thick layer of oil. Ugh, that thought alone could send me running to the bathroom!

Oh, how I digress.

Back to the ice cream. While he was preoccupied with his meat (good distraction for ANY man), I hijacked his spoon for the ice cream because it was piled high with Nutella (Insert: circle with "R" in it-I give credit where credit is due people). Okay, so this may have more than 3 ingredients in it, but I was sleeping soon after and didn't notice any of the aforementioned trauma. And boy was that spoon licked clean. This is a delicacy so unique and beautiful, it waters my mouth with just the thought.

After 10 minutes watching me as I was enraptured with my silver friend, I relented and gave it back. And by that time, he didn't even USE the spoon because he now had to drink his ice cream. :)


We are THAT Family said...

Oh yum! Ice creams best when it's a. stolen and b. eaten in bed.

Megan said...

MMmmmm...sounds just like me, how nutritious!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Our latest is plain ole Vanilla with fresh(meaning from Safeway)sliced strawberries on top :)

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