Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our thrones are growing

To really sit and think about how Dust and I are just completely washed away with such a flush of good fortune is just so amazing I may need to stay parked ...

... on our new throne!!!  Look at the size comparison here.  Pretty crazy how much we're moving up (and out) in this world.  Yeah, I know.  And as much as I hate using puns, size does matter ... when it comes to "the Seat".  (Side note: Now you can see the warm, inviting color on the wall that now is my inspiration to work out--I've been in there 3 times and never to work out, hmmmm.)

Never mind the fact that in this next picture, it may portray the throne IN the tub, because that's just where we store our spare.  Clearly, we reek of normality around our house, not to mention that I nearly took a butt shot of my father-in-law....  Can you say classy?

Oh, and that's right... uhhh, at this point it was 10:30 at night and we only have ONE bathroom and ZERO toilets installed at our house.  YOU do the math!  At this point, it would be helpful to know some neighbors a little bit better in case we get in a bit of a pickle, but since we don't, this could cause a bit of a "leaky issue" in the morning if said new seat isn't installed on said new throne on top of said new flooring (oh by the way, floors are in, and I love em!).

The cabinets (and their doors) are in, there's a bit more touch up required, but we are getting closer to re-installing the door which is a monumental (and VERY key) part of western civilization.  I was yelled at the other day to stay on "that" side of the house as one of our friends was using the throne.

At least the throne was installed though, or our backyard would be smelling a whole lot like ... roses.


We are THAT Family said...

A queen needs a thrown-a big white porcelain thrown to conduct her queenly um, business.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

LOVING the floor! It turned out great! I am proud to say I have been involved in this whole process:)

Isn't it funny when you get a new throne how your cheeks need time to get used to the new dimensions!?

Keep the bathroom remodel going, I'm not visiting until there is a solid door!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hey, it looks great! - I cringe when I think of a bathroom remodel! We did a 1/2 bath remodel in our old house, and what was to take a week ended up taking when I think of how our new house needs both baths done - I just don't know if I want to go through it ……maybe your crew is available? Thanks for stopping by our blog - it has been fun reading your blog - we'll be visiting back to see what else you are up to! I have a suggestion for your bath, if you don't mind....I love it when that terracotta color of the floor is paired with its complimentary color of turquoise. Maybe get a one of a kind retro ballet lamp on eBay to just give it a punch – a real uniqueness to the room…..I AM just kidding - just a little funny humor this morning!

shellbell said...

The floor looks awesome! I hope that the thrones are soon good to pun intended. ;)

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