Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Plowing and ramming, yup it's soccer season

Co-ed soccer has been a forerunner to our marriage like none other. Once a week we head out to the field to take on our daring opponents only to laugh that we lost yet again.

This week was no different, however, I scored a goal! This made me smile. Then Dust plowed into a waif and got carded. No smile. I'm just kidding, I did score but the girl fell from tripping over her own two left feet her own clumsiness ... we'll just say from her own mistakes.

Honestly, the poor girl probably fell about 15.7 times; the .7 counts as the time she was rammed into the wall by me. :) And yes, I also did "make" her fall.

As a reliever of stress and our only form of exercise, it's great to get out there once a week because anymore and we wouldn't be able to walk. It's a great pattern really, sweat for one hour on one night, recover for 6 nights; then repeat.

Outdoor starts next week, though, which is easier because it doesn't involve near as many sprints, and plus, my calves are thanking me already.


We are THAT Family said...

How fun! My hubby and I met playing sand volleyball. Enjoy it. Once you have kids, get a minivan and get fat, pushing a stroller is considered exercise!

yourfavoritebarista said...

Ha, I could not stop laughing after picturing you slaming the girl into the wall...does that make me evil?

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awww, you delicate thing you! :)

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