Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay... well so far, I have listened to Matt Maher's new cd, and I sang along to every song EVEN THOUGH I didn't know any of the lyrics. It was a beautiful sound that only God and me could hear. I was pleasantly surprised with the beats and overall tune of the music. I haven't listened to check the Biblical accuracy but song #8 has been my favorite and it seems to parallel Ecclesiastes quite well.

Overall, if I believed it was not illegal to burn cds, then I'd make one for all my peeps! So, basically, I liked it, and so would you!

A Christian movie just got expelled in the theater called Released released in the theater called Expelled. And since it's Christian, let's support it so it doesn't get expelled quicker than we can buy the tickets online!

There we go folks, Christian cds, Christian movies... WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A COMEBACK IN THIS NATION -- I can feel it!


We are THAT Family said...

I got the free CD too and I really like it. It's good stuff.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Welcome back chica! Missed ya :)

K, can I borrow the cd to listen to it for a bit?

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