Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopping makes me happy, shopping makes me sad

Or, shall I rephrase that to "mirrors make me happy, mirrors make me sad."

After 3 failed attempts to find not even the perfect pair of jeans but ANY jeans that look good, I was ready to quit and hole myself in my room with my workout pants and ice cream. Because honestly, if you can't find comfy, cute jeans, what is the purpose of life? And as shallow as that seems, it was truly how I felt. It can be very discouraging when that's what your focus is on (can you say "Rebecca hadn't kept up on her daily devotions?!"). Sad, but true.

So I enlisted the help of my dear friend and sister. I told her we were on a mission of imminent importance. Before I collapse into a frustrated mental state, we NEEDed to find me some jeans.

Whew. Whirlwind.

I think she could sense my mood. Mission minded. Oh, I was gonna find jeans if it killed me... and I was prepared for my ultimate demise; my tombstone coulda read "Denim did her in."

We started at the local mall and about 2 hours of shopping went by and I came out singing like a jaybird with my bags in a deathgrip because I was sure not to EVER let these babies lose sight of me. We found *cough* 5 *cough* pairs of jeans. (Insert weak smile.) I was very happy, but slightly mortified at how much moolah I easily smacked down for said jeans (and some shoes).

HOWEVER, then I arrived home with said jeans. And tried them all on. And then cried. And then cried again just for good measure. Let's just say that actual, true-to-form mirrors just aren't the same as the Gap's. Maybe I should have caught on when I actually looked quite tall. Boo, now I need to invest in the "skinny" mirrors that apparently all stores in the mall possess so as to feel like I actually look decent in a pair of pants.

Needless to say... at least my treadmill purchase is now getting a run for its money... get it?? RUN for its money? (That's a pun. A good one, too.)


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