Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring chickens

Well, the other little reminder that spring is right around the corner (last day in April and it hailed, spring has not arrived in my book... or at my house) is the annual stocking up of these little furballs.

Which are currently inside my parents-in-law's house because it's near freezing here. For the little chickadees, not actual human types. That point aside, aren't they super cute?

I thought so too, until I picked one up and my hand was, ugh, wet. "Oh, they all have wet feet," pipes up my lil sis-in-law. Reeeeeeeally!

The trip to get chicks and ducks is simply two-fold in nature:
1. to signal the beginning of the new season; and
2. to replenish the stock from last year.

The poor poopers don't stand a chance, they really don't. And as cute as they are now, and as little meat as there is on those wings, this does not detract from the magnetic force drawing the local coyotes to the seasonal Chick-and-Duck-fil-A restaurant.

Well, at least there are appetizing green eggs from the ones that do survive!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

AWWW, they are SO cute! Too bad they pooped on you ;)

Kinda like having a newborn...Awwww, so cute! OH, HE POOPED ON ME! EWWW!

yourfavoritebarista said...

we still haven't lost any...this has got to be a record!!

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