Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring has sprung

Never have I enjoyed the warmth of spring quite like this year: birds chirping at 9:00 PM, flower buds dying and wilting (because of the April snowfall), and best of all the use of my winter gloves and scarves everyday.  It truly is a joy to live in the northwest.

In all honesty, I really DO like it, I promise (my fingers may happen to be crossed).  But here are some pics from around our house that remind me that there is hope for spring. Because what is life if you can't live with hope?!  These first 3 are all from the bouquet Dust bought me.

This last one, I'm going to print in sepia tones with a white frame and put that in our bathroom.  Okaaaaaay, here is a pic just so I can calm your anxious spirit.
And since I'm the Queen of Sidetracked-land, I'm also doing this one in sepia with a white frame.

But back to spring and bright colors.  Here's our homemade little greenhouse.

The best spring quote was Dust saying to me: "Hey, feel free to pick as many flowers you want to put in vases in the house."  Uhhh, which ONE do I pick since we only have ONE flower currently blooming?


yourfavoritebarista said...

I only had to put on two layers of clothing today it's warmin' up:)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I bust out the shorts yesterday...and froze. Oh well :)

Today I bust out the capri workout pants and was not too's looking up :)

I approve of the bathroom pics...they'll look great.

Hey! I see blue sky! Gotta go and absorb up some Vit. D before it's gone!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the sepia tone versions of these photos!! Beautiful!!

kari & kijsa

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