Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What makes me smile

I can't believe I forgot to mention this last week.  But as I was leaving work, I looked up and saw this older lady on a hot pink bicycle riding by.  That alone would normally be enough to make me grin a little.

But she was also wearing a hot pink sweatsuit that not only matched the basket on the bike, but also her shoes.  Oh sweet goodness, this made me smile the whole way home... I think I even chuckled.

Nothing wrong with the color pink or anything (even though it pales in comparison to WHITE), but when your whole ensemble is the exact same shade (including the apparatus you may happen to be riding upon), then your wardrobe needs to reintroduce the words "outfit", "shades", "multiple colors", and "style" back into its vocabulary.

Now granted, she was older, and may have lost her ability to see different shades, but it doesn't mean I haven't overly-pondered the simplicity of the issue.

She was, simply put, Hot in Pink (and on Pink, and wearing Pink, and riding Pink).


Megan said...

Now being a huge fan of pink, I still have to say that is overdoing it. ;) But it also makes me wonder if you're secretly making fun of my pink car behind my back, lol!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

That's one PINK LADY.

And Megs, as long as you aren't completely decked out a pink outfit, you're fine!

Althought I would sure like to get some photographic evidence of your hubby driving your car for blackmail purposes :)

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