Friday, August 29, 2008

Hiatus much?!?!

Well, well, I am back. Life has been gloriously busy (and just a wee bit crazy)... but no complaints! Here's a random list of updates since the last time I blogged.

  • Dust and I bought a lawn care business!! Woo hoo! Now, to all those who were wondering about the sheriff thing, it's in the future plans still at this point but we may be taking a longer and different road to achieve it.
  • Our summer was filled with paperwork to buy the business, paperwork to bill for the business, and now paperwork to file for the business. Ahh, the joys of being your own boss.
  • We now have a fence around our entire yard, plus an area fenced for "just the dogs", and they even have their own swimming pool.
  • My sister and I headed off to Phoenix for a week basking in the sun, AND to attend our cousin's wedding--which was, of course, beautiful!
  • Dust celebrated his 25th birthday, with a surprise party at our house (cough**cough** the night I got back from Phoenix, man am I good or what?!?!?!)!
  • We went camping a couple times and successfully had Jericho freak out at anyone in sunglasses. What a protector, a scary protector, but what a protector.
  • We found out my sister was pregnant again with a little girl... yay!!!
  • My brother and his wife, Sallie, came for a visit which was SO good to see them again, it had been too long!
  • They actually made it here at the same time my mom graduated from college, what an accomplishment!

Well, wow, I'm sure there are about a million and a half other things that have happened, but we have just slipped through this summer barely awake. Let's hope I stay a little consistent now with my posting! :)

Too bad it's not the new year or I'd make that my resolution!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

SO glad you are back in bloggityville! Make sure you make this visit a LONG one!

Dana Lohrer said...

I agree with your sis! So happy to see that you have re-joined the wonderful world of blogging! It was great seeing you all as well on our visit! Glad to hear that things are going well and that you had a wonderful summer!

Megan said...

welcome back busy girl!

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