Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick as a cat

...or a fruit fly. My have I been killing fruit flies left and right, up and down, sideways, behind my head, with my hand, with a zapper, and with a swatter. We have been officially attacked by the bug for over a month. WOW! Our house has no place available where one of those suckers could live, yet they keep finding ways to multiply and restrengthen their enemy lines. It's maddening! They'll come out of the fridge when I open it... shouldn't they DIE IN THERE???

We have 2 rooms that are being hit the hardest: our kitchen of course, and (go figure) our bathroom. Why our bathroom? Oh that's right, Dust likes to eat in the shower so that is one of their official battlestations. They are now also swarming under the sink. Everytime I open a drawer or the cupboard at least 3 fly out.

Oh, I am nuts though when I have a swatter in my hand. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I slam one of them against the mirror. Speaking of my victories, it actually has gotten harder and harder to look myself in the eye... but only because I need to clean the mirror. There are currently about 37 squashed critters awaiting their windexed funeral session.

Any ideas about how to rid my house of them for good, other than standing arm with a flyswatter ready to attack the battle lines?


Jason said...

Um, clean?

Megan said...

lol...yucky I HATE fruit flies!!! I only find them around when I have fruit though...good luck!

Dana Lohrer said...

I so remember those stupid fruit flies at our house in Lynden. They liked our bathroom as well. That was really bazaare to me! Anyways, we made sure to take any food that wasn't used or the peels of fruit straight to the outside garbage. Then I actually think we ended up setting a fogger off in the house and that worked! So I guess you can try that! Good luck and hopefully you all will win the battle!

Anonymous said...

Pour some apple cider vinegar in a jar. Put plastic wrap over the top and seal it tight with a rubber band, then poke a hole in the top just big enough for a fruit fly to fit through. Put one of these babies in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, and your fruit fly problem will be ready to flush away within a week. The little buggers crawl through the hole to get to the yummy smelling vinegar and they can't figure out how to get out again. They eventually drown. Much nice than having to squish them in your mirror. :) Good luck, we were plagued with this problem too until we tried this solution. It works!

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