Friday, November 14, 2008

First comes love, then comes marriage... then comes


Well, wow, we are now breeders. Officially. The days where we forgot what we ever did before kids is about to begin. It may be a little scary, a little frightening, but it's our future! And we procreated!

Usually the first question a newly pregnant Mom hears is, "How are you feeling?" So, I thought I'd share the joys of a first time, middle of first trimester pregnancy.

I really can't complain though. We are (if you'll notice the little baby ticker) almost to 9 weeks already, and I've hardly been sick at all (in other words, as sick as I felt I know I just can't complain compared to some--cough *~Megan~* cough). For a week and a half I was a little sick every morning and then thought I'd fall over (or curl into a ball at work) from the nausea in the afternoons and nighttime. And then there was the beginning of week 8 where I couldn't stop eating. Brutal, I know, eat like a horse and let your stomach hang out. :) Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy. But, I do think the nausea has rotated shifts and is now during the night and it is driving me crazy that I just can't sleep anymore!

I am kinda nervous about having twins (does it run in the family, NO! is there any logical reason why I would think I was having them, NO! does that stop me from hoping I don't, NO! I have my reasons people....) and was already showing a leetle more than normal at 5 weeks. (They say your pants won't start to feel tight til around week 9 or so, ha! Liars! Got them, week 5 and I'm laying on the bed trying to squeeze into my 2 pairs of work pants that still fit....) So I asked my doctor the other day if it's normal to be showing as much as I am as early as it was... we'll just say he doesn't technically call it "showing", it's more what you'd call bloating. I told him we call that showing in our house.

Overall I've felt pretty good, I've also been sleeping through most days, so maybe it's just that I haven't been awake long enough to feel crappy. But Dust sure likes it, more video game time for him because I hole myself away in our room with our borrowed Reba dvds. :) Oh, I do like me a good country singer-actor in my house. She helps me sleep at night, what can I say?! I think Ken and Joell are still surprised at how fast I've been mowing through each season. Hey, one day is all you need to watch an entire season of a show, is that so wrong?!

So, moral of the story is we're getting cable so I'll have plenty to watch to get me through the last 7 months (and believe me, this has been one battle that I have fought hard for and finally conquered in our house)! Woo hoo! :)


Dana Lohrer said...

Congratulations! Byron said make sure you get the DVR to go along with cable, you will never regret it!!! You definitely need to post more b/c you always make me laugh! We are so happy for you and Dusty! You will make incredible parents! We love you!

Christa said...

Cory and I are very happy for you two! This is GREAT news! It'll be fun to have more cousins with kids to walk through this stage of life with! :) What is your ACTUAL due date though!?!? If you need anything, please feel free to ask!!! Many blessings!

~Christa & family!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

As I have said before, I am THRILLED that Jude and baby girl VG will have another cousin in town! Jericho is the first cousin in town, of course :)

Love you!

Megan said...

First of all, can I say how excited I am for you? I was waiting for a blog to post b/c I didn't want to spill the beans too soon. I'm am so happy that you will be joining the mommy train...I expect playdates, lol! I'm glad you haven't been feeling as awful as I did, but I hope any trace of nausea simply disappears for you so you can thoroughly enjoy every ounce you can soak up! And don't worry, I felt bloated right away too, and look how tiny my ONE little peanut was! You'll be fine. And even if Dust doesn't give in to cable now, he will once you are on maternity leave feeding you baby every few hours. (That's when Nat caved) But better now and save the hassle of people in your house while you have a newborn. :) YEAH!!!! :)

Wikkerink family said...

Congratulations to you both!! So happy for you! I KNEW that you were pregnant! :) Did I catch you off guard when I said it to you? hehehehe

Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog...kinda brings back some memories! How did you like Dr. Short? I he works out well! Anyways, looking forward to see you grow!
-Amy :)

tara said...

Congratulations! Seems like everyone I know is having a baby. I hope your pregnancy goes well.

K said...

Congrats to both of you! :) They're lots of fun...its a strange feeling to have a mini-you running around the house! Try to enjoy the being pregnant part!!

Laurel said...

Congrats! So excited for you and Dusty. Yea!

Only a dozen more to go to catch up with us. :)

And ... twins ... really are fun.

mama of 13

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