Monday, December 22, 2008


I'll keep reminding myself of that word. As strange as it seems, sweats and a sweatshirt just aren't the same if you're not sitting on the couch watching tv versus sitting on an uncomfy computer chair in front of a much smaller screen. Oh how comfort controls me. Although, the bill collectors will probably be calling me soon... whoops!

Anyway, I will have (hopefully) much more time soon to update more frequently. As of some day in December, we officially hired my replacement! Woo HOO!!!! I will be starting my stay-at-home mom status a wee bit early... as in, before I'm technically a mom. But that's alright... this way I can get the babies' room ready, rearrange and reorganize our hosue, pay our bills :), maybe make some dinners (we'll see, that IS a stretch), and clean our house! I will be going in for 2 days a week for a little while until I hand over all areas to our new receptionist, and then I'll just be coming in on nights and weekends to accomplish the billing. It'll just be so nice to be at home, I am SUCH a homebody and just love being there!

So... here's to regular updates -- until I'm actually a mom and probably crumble sheepishly back to once a month updates that will be reeeeeeally short because they'll be written in between feeding and napping, oh, and the baby's feeding and napping too.


Megan said...

I wish I would have taken on the SAHM status earlier as well...I think it would have relieved a lot of stress...and maybe my boys room would actually be done and I wouldn't be working on it months after his birth, lol! :) Enjoy!

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