Monday, February 25, 2008

Hawaii--Oh how I miss you!

Well, it's been nearly a month since we went to Hawaii, and that means it is quite overdue for me to post about it.

I picked out two pictures that I thought best exemplified and captured the January tropics of Oahu.  Clearly, we strongly felt that the sun's rays would beam right through the rain and towels to bronze our pale skin.  It didn't work like we had hoped!  (If you look closely, I am a bit surprised by this revelation, and, well, Dust is just plain mad.)

It was also a leetle windy some nights.

And I just couldn't write about Hawaii without giving a shout out to our new forever friends! Hank, Bob, Susie Q., and our many other feathered friends that we met (all of whom, for the life of me, I can't remember their names), you will be sorely missed! 

In all seriousness though, our vacation was definitely in a unique resort that I am just in love with!

This was our private lagoon.

This was one of Ko'Olina resort's pool areas.

Overall, awesome vacation at an awesome time of year.  The beach, pool, hotel, and shopping areas weren't crowded at all and it was 70s to 80s the whole time--and coming from the NW, that was a VERY welcome change!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My day off

A day off.  "How nice", one might think. "Oh, how relaxing", one might say.

Ummmm, not if you're this girl and this is your ONLY chance to be home during the week.  Uh, yeah, strictly cleaning days.  And cleaning has been accomplished I tell ya.  My bathroom is now fully functional and is ready for a transformation.  I now have all of our "supplies" in different boxes throughout the cupboards and I must say, pretty fancy indeed.

When Dust and I started Kamo, we naturally assumed it would take off (and it did mind you, just with all our money).  Nevertheless, we had ordered a TON of boxes through the good ol' United States Postal Service.  Because, well, they are 100% free. :)

So I found the perfect size that I needed after digging around in our shed and now everything is organized.  I even have a box for all of the extra toilet paper.

Now, when my dear sister comes to help me paint it (going with the browns, and tans, and just a wee little bit of white!), it will look just perfect.  New paint, new fixtures, new postal boxes... what more could I ask for?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A girl loves her purse as much as Jericho loves his leash!

Huh?  Okay, so, you know how it is when you give your dog's neck a break and take his leash off...

...and then how he runs through the house like a little kid all hopped on sugar?
...or flings it through the air like a rag doll at a circus?
...or whips it around like a baby gazelle in a pack of lions?
...or barrels through the house like a 4th grade quarterback (who still has no sense of balance)?

No?!  Well, welcome to my world!

I have to go now and touch up the paint throughout our house.

Color blind but color savvy

As I looked deep into Dusty's eyes yesterday, I noticed they were bluish-greenish. They tend to change with the color of his shirts. He's a chameleon if I ever saw one.

Then I asked what color mine were.


"Oh. Really?"

Wow, I just had no idea. So even though my blog title doesn't make a lick of sense anymore, at least it's legible. A shout out to my brother who emailed me saying that he would forever be blinded after looking at my blog. So he helped me with the html and we figured it out, so I hope it's better.

I'll be paying his optometry bill now, but that's beside the point.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My sweet valentine

Oh baby, oh baby, my husband is a sweetheart. On Valentine's Day we both got home from work and raced to get ready for dinner. I ran into our room and there sat a bouquet of flowers with a note that just melts my heart. Hopefully you'll take the time to read it (below) to fully grasp the depth of Dusty's love and romanticism. I mean, we are talking DEEP, people!

Who wouldn't want to be described with the terms "velvet sweat" or "chest hair" or described as "with a nose like the space needle"?!?! Need I even ask? But, oh yes, absolutely beautiful beyond words. In fact, I was speechless. Literally.

After regaining composure, we zipped over to Conor & Laura's for dinner; our Thursday night Bible Study group all dressed up and got together (here are some of the ladies: Shelley, Trina, Laura, and I).

But here's my favorite part (aside from the letter that rendered me a'without word), on Saturday, we came home after taking Jericho to the dog park (BIG event, even called my parents to come--but they didn't) and I went directly to the computer to check my email (because that is just what I do the MOMENT I arrive home, okay?!?).

Dust just up and tells me to stay in there because he was going to cook dinner(!!) Oh wow, how fun. You may be thinking that feelings of guilt may have washed over me--but notta one! Thoughts of going in to help--nope. Offering to make dessert--nada. Making a side dish--ain't gonna happen. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie 'til it was ready--uhhhhhh, yup!

And, ohhhh, we had us a feast if I ever saw one. The food didn't even all fit on our table... granted, our table is the size of a peanut so that might have something to do with it. There were piles of garlic shrimp, mango salsa to go with piles of more shrimp for lettuce wraps (my favorite!!), salmon bakes, and stir fry (random, I know); all alit by candles and the aforementioned bouquet. And wine, of course, we still have the whole bottle left if anyone is interested. Needless to say, our feast was devoured very fast and a leetle too quickly. It was delicious!

So, raise your wine glass and join me in a toast that every day will be Valentine's Day and that Dust will be cooking every night!

(Oh wait, he already does....)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My best friend

Is it wrong that next to Dusty, my best friend in the whole, wide world may, in fact, be chocolate? Nahhh, perfectly normal. Or not, whatever.

Last night I NEEDED me a fix of some chocolate; so lucky me, I had stashed away a brownie mix. I whipped that puppy together faster than you could say "What time of the month...?".

I was just dancing with excitement from the pleasing aroma emitting from my self-cleaning oven (that is
white!). Ohhh, how gloriously divine it smelled. Gloriously! Divine! Yes, this is how I describe a box of $4.00 brownie mix. You see, my sophistication level is not quite up to the normal behaviorial patterns of most folks. (The fact that I just used the word "folks" in a normal setting in the year 2008 may also be an indication.)

Anywho, the brownies were done and guess who couldn't wait for them to cool off?? Oh yeah, I scarfed down my brownie faster than you could say "Oh, now I totally know what time of the month...".

I do know my limits though. They say in all health books and advice columns, eat a portion the size of your fist. So I did. Except it was Dusty's fist. And it was both of them.
Welllll, I got so excited and it just was over too soon, so I had to eat his! It just wasn't right. Letting it sit there in all it's chocolatey goodness. So, yup, I ate fists full of brownies all under the premise of healthful living. (But oh SO worth it!)

And tonight for the menu, chocolate molten lava cakes. Since it's Valentine's Day, maybe I'll share one with Dusty, but the REST ARE MINE!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The epitome of class (I am not)

As sad as it is to say, I will probably never be described as classy. With that comes a whole bunch of responsibility that I just don't think I could ever master.

When you look at my life it's probably the last thing you would even think when you see a woman who:

-thinks fine dining (aka nice lil dinner out) is the Olive Garden... with a coupon, mind you.
-thinks "good" wine comes in a box and belongs in the fridge.
-doesn't know how to deal with a new haircut... she has her husband cut it! (Eeee, turned out great though, I must say.)
-gets a little nervous eating finger foods at a tea luncheon (and, for that matter, has never had tea with actual leaves in it; just use a bag people!).
-orders dinner off the appetizer menu.-just got herself a pair of nice, new black boots after 4 years of the outdated scuffed ones--and didn't even buy them herself! (Side note: Thanks Dust for my Christmas gift!)

Basically, my life doesn't clearly reflect the sophistication in my soul that is just eeking to get out. Okay, so there's no chance of that either. But lest you think I'm a little homegirl from a small little town (well, you'd be absolutely right but that's beside the point) here's a picture of my new haircut from an actual hairdresser (along with my hubby who is my new hairdresser).

And, since I am absolutely no genius when it comes to styling my first real hairstyle, well, I told Dust he just HAD to cut it -- NOW! So, here is what it now looks like. And like it or not, it'll probably grow out to the exact same look I couldn't figure out before. :(

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