Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What makes me smile

I can't believe I forgot to mention this last week.  But as I was leaving work, I looked up and saw this older lady on a hot pink bicycle riding by.  That alone would normally be enough to make me grin a little.

But she was also wearing a hot pink sweatsuit that not only matched the basket on the bike, but also her shoes.  Oh sweet goodness, this made me smile the whole way home... I think I even chuckled.

Nothing wrong with the color pink or anything (even though it pales in comparison to WHITE), but when your whole ensemble is the exact same shade (including the apparatus you may happen to be riding upon), then your wardrobe needs to reintroduce the words "outfit", "shades", "multiple colors", and "style" back into its vocabulary.

Now granted, she was older, and may have lost her ability to see different shades, but it doesn't mean I haven't overly-pondered the simplicity of the issue.

She was, simply put, Hot in Pink (and on Pink, and wearing Pink, and riding Pink).

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Right, I hardly graduated from a 2 year Associate's Degree. However, what is the internet if not to boost your self-worth? I just found my favorite website because it treats me well! It ranks the level bloggy readers have to be at to understand your blog. Well, here is what it said to me:

blog readability test

Why, surely you jest. (I would like to think higher of such great online opportunities to boast, but reality does sink in at some point.) I think it lied. Unless you count my overabundant joy at a flower, my little puppy-child, and for all things white to be at the collegiate level, my friends, this may just be a hoax. Sad to say.

So, do the testarola and lemme know what yours says! But remember, barring any coincidental bloggy catastrophies and inappropriate comments on your blog if you were to attain a higher status than mine, you may not want to let me know. Even though I'm pretty sure that's the best score ANY ONE could get.

(Crossing my fingers.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring has sprung

Never have I enjoyed the warmth of spring quite like this year: birds chirping at 9:00 PM, flower buds dying and wilting (because of the April snowfall), and best of all the use of my winter gloves and scarves everyday.  It truly is a joy to live in the northwest.

In all honesty, I really DO like it, I promise (my fingers may happen to be crossed).  But here are some pics from around our house that remind me that there is hope for spring. Because what is life if you can't live with hope?!  These first 3 are all from the bouquet Dust bought me.

This last one, I'm going to print in sepia tones with a white frame and put that in our bathroom.  Okaaaaaay, here is a pic just so I can calm your anxious spirit.
And since I'm the Queen of Sidetracked-land, I'm also doing this one in sepia with a white frame.

But back to spring and bright colors.  Here's our homemade little greenhouse.

The best spring quote was Dust saying to me: "Hey, feel free to pick as many flowers you want to put in vases in the house."  Uhhh, which ONE do I pick since we only have ONE flower currently blooming?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our thrones are growing

To really sit and think about how Dust and I are just completely washed away with such a flush of good fortune is just so amazing I may need to stay parked ...

... on our new throne!!!  Look at the size comparison here.  Pretty crazy how much we're moving up (and out) in this world.  Yeah, I know.  And as much as I hate using puns, size does matter ... when it comes to "the Seat".  (Side note: Now you can see the warm, inviting color on the wall that now is my inspiration to work out--I've been in there 3 times and never to work out, hmmmm.)

Never mind the fact that in this next picture, it may portray the throne IN the tub, because that's just where we store our spare.  Clearly, we reek of normality around our house, not to mention that I nearly took a butt shot of my father-in-law....  Can you say classy?

Oh, and that's right... uhhh, at this point it was 10:30 at night and we only have ONE bathroom and ZERO toilets installed at our house.  YOU do the math!  At this point, it would be helpful to know some neighbors a little bit better in case we get in a bit of a pickle, but since we don't, this could cause a bit of a "leaky issue" in the morning if said new seat isn't installed on said new throne on top of said new flooring (oh by the way, floors are in, and I love em!).

The cabinets (and their doors) are in, there's a bit more touch up required, but we are getting closer to re-installing the door which is a monumental (and VERY key) part of western civilization.  I was yelled at the other day to stay on "that" side of the house as one of our friends was using the throne.

At least the throne was installed though, or our backyard would be smelling a whole lot like ... roses.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can you say dilemma??

It is now approaching on one of my favorite seasons of the year. Not spring, not summer (although technically my favorite real season), but GARAGE SALE SEASON!! And my is it arriving fast!

This weekend we have a county-wide kick-off for all those holding garage sales... they can put a notice in the paper and it will be FREE! Woweeee. I am just so excited! There are so many potential great finds out there and they're (usually) cheaper than even Wally World! Dust and I have found many a wonder at a garage sale. We bought a leather chair and loveseat at one (sweet old lady), a nice bookshelf at another (real wood people, $30--boo yah!!), and many little goodies.

Now to the dilemma. While mucho sales will be a-happenin around here, there is also the famed "rich people" sale over in the Seattleish area (the air quotes are based strictly on the assumption of wealth and not by potential debt awashed with massive houses and extravagant belongings). Woah, people. What's a person to do? Sales a plenty here or better stuff (assumedly)? Eeeek. I just don't know.

I'll just have to sit down, weigh out the pros and cons, drink 16 whitechocolatepeppermintmochas, and ponder.

Monday, April 21, 2008

No I will NOT give back your spoon

Last night Dust and I went to bed early to watch a movie before going to sleep. Normally, this is just my routine, and he'll shuffle in later after draining his finger strength on the power that sucks him in and makes him mesmerized for hours--video games.

He came to bed with a chicken wrap and ice cream. Because, doesn't everybody?! A quick side note, the chicken was made for the second time in 3 days (no complaints, I didn't have to make it), and was deep-fried. If you have ever met my stomach, you will know that: 1. any food made with more than 3 ingredients, and 2. anything that isn't hand picked directly from the ground will make it contentious, wreak havoc, and work with other unmentionable body parts to make me highly uncomfortable for the next 5 hours. I could NOT figure out why I felt sick for much of the weekend, and then I watched Dust make his second round of poultrified parmesan bake and dip it in a one inch thick layer of oil. Ugh, that thought alone could send me running to the bathroom!

Oh, how I digress.

Back to the ice cream. While he was preoccupied with his meat (good distraction for ANY man), I hijacked his spoon for the ice cream because it was piled high with Nutella (Insert: circle with "R" in it-I give credit where credit is due people). Okay, so this may have more than 3 ingredients in it, but I was sleeping soon after and didn't notice any of the aforementioned trauma. And boy was that spoon licked clean. This is a delicacy so unique and beautiful, it waters my mouth with just the thought.

After 10 minutes watching me as I was enraptured with my silver friend, I relented and gave it back. And by that time, he didn't even USE the spoon because he now had to drink his ice cream. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's all o-ver

Okay, well it's not all over, but the process has now started all over.  Dust is currently taking his written and physical to restart the entire hiring process.  While we had hoped we could beat the odds and get hired through the first round, it didn't happen so we're at it again.

And go figure, the test is on a Sunday at 10... have these people never heard of church?!  And if you're wondering why the little wifey typing this isn't in church... well my excuse is that we're going together tonight... because it's hard to go alone to church when you don't have a home church (we're currently looking).  So that's my excuse story and I'm sticking to it.

With this all starting over and with the process of applying to MULTIPLE departments, we have no idea where the Lord will lead us.  I have complete trust that where we end up will be where God wants us, but since that point in time is a bit far off, I am definitely struggling with a lack of patience because I just don't KNOW where we'll be.

So, lift up your coffee mugs this mornin' and praise the Lord that every finite detail is in His wondrous hands and that worry need not be a part of our lives, even the unknown parts.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay... well so far, I have listened to Matt Maher's new cd, and I sang along to every song EVEN THOUGH I didn't know any of the lyrics. It was a beautiful sound that only God and me could hear. I was pleasantly surprised with the beats and overall tune of the music. I haven't listened to check the Biblical accuracy but song #8 has been my favorite and it seems to parallel Ecclesiastes quite well.

Overall, if I believed it was not illegal to burn cds, then I'd make one for all my peeps! So, basically, I liked it, and so would you!

A Christian movie just got expelled in the theater called Released released in the theater called Expelled. And since it's Christian, let's support it so it doesn't get expelled quicker than we can buy the tickets online!

There we go folks, Christian cds, Christian movies... WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A COMEBACK IN THIS NATION -- I can feel it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby steps folks

I had the lucky privilege of babysitting Babbalu last week Friday and Sunday. What a treat. I don't think the understanding of love for nephews/nieces has quite been understood by me until it was my very own, flesh and blood sister who had a child. Thanks to her, I understand the Auntie role much more clearly.

Having only experienced pet-sitting and house-sitting, an actual human type of sitting was, I feared, a little out of my league. But alas, I came in strong, fought the fight, and came out victorious! And even changed my first diaper. Just kidding, it wasn't my first. Well, it was. Is that sad?! I had managed for 25 years to escape the joy of wiping up poop as fast as you can so as not to be showered with lemon colored spray. It went well, it was compact. Phew. I mighta cried otherwise, or just let him squish all day. Except I'm not that mean and I didn't have the opportunity to test it out.

So I am inching SLOWLY closer to that next step with Dust and me.

Babysitting overnight. :)

(ha ha, fooled ya all)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Have you ever...

...heard just the right phrase and just so happened to have it in an email so it's easily copyable for posting? Well you're in luck, cause I do!

"It is perfectly clear that true
Christianity is something more than being
baptized and going to church."

Ahhh, how true this statement actually is. Dusty subscribed us to another daily devotional, but this one is now a favorite to read: Grace Gems. They even have the likes of Chuckie Spurgeon (aka Charles Spurgeon). I call him Chuckie because he is my friend. (And I suppose it's also because he's a profound Christian theologian who I seem to learn from every time I read his stuff.)

It is sad that the modern "Christian" has duped themselves into believing they are a true Christian when their lives are not different in any way from those of the world.

"It will never do to idle through life, thinking
and living like others, if we mean to be owned
by Christ as His people.

Have we grace? Then it must be seen.

Have we the Spirit? Then there must be fruit.

Have we any saving religion? Then
must be a difference of habits, tastes, and
turn of mind, between us and those who
think only of the world."

And, that was pretty much the ENTIRE devotion today. But it was so good and so filled with TRUTH that I couldn't not share it.

If you are walking around today claiming Christianity as your name, then:

"there must be something marked, distinct,
and peculiar
about our
, if we are true Christians."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Matthew M. Maher

Okay, so I can't confirm his middle name starts with an M and I can't confirm his music at this point, BUT I just won a free cd and once thoroughly acquainted, I am sure I will give praiseworthy accolades to my newest friend... simply because he gave me something for free. :)

And most of all because he loves God!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Plowing and ramming, yup it's soccer season

Co-ed soccer has been a forerunner to our marriage like none other. Once a week we head out to the field to take on our daring opponents only to laugh that we lost yet again.

This week was no different, however, I scored a goal! This made me smile. Then Dust plowed into a waif and got carded. No smile. I'm just kidding, I did score but the girl fell from tripping over her own two left feet her own clumsiness ... we'll just say from her own mistakes.

Honestly, the poor girl probably fell about 15.7 times; the .7 counts as the time she was rammed into the wall by me. :) And yes, I also did "make" her fall.

As a reliever of stress and our only form of exercise, it's great to get out there once a week because anymore and we wouldn't be able to walk. It's a great pattern really, sweat for one hour on one night, recover for 6 nights; then repeat.

Outdoor starts next week, though, which is easier because it doesn't involve near as many sprints, and plus, my calves are thanking me already.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopping makes me happy, shopping makes me sad

Or, shall I rephrase that to "mirrors make me happy, mirrors make me sad."

After 3 failed attempts to find not even the perfect pair of jeans but ANY jeans that look good, I was ready to quit and hole myself in my room with my workout pants and ice cream. Because honestly, if you can't find comfy, cute jeans, what is the purpose of life? And as shallow as that seems, it was truly how I felt. It can be very discouraging when that's what your focus is on (can you say "Rebecca hadn't kept up on her daily devotions?!"). Sad, but true.

So I enlisted the help of my dear friend and sister. I told her we were on a mission of imminent importance. Before I collapse into a frustrated mental state, we NEEDed to find me some jeans.

Whew. Whirlwind.

I think she could sense my mood. Mission minded. Oh, I was gonna find jeans if it killed me... and I was prepared for my ultimate demise; my tombstone coulda read "Denim did her in."

We started at the local mall and about 2 hours of shopping went by and I came out singing like a jaybird with my bags in a deathgrip because I was sure not to EVER let these babies lose sight of me. We found *cough* 5 *cough* pairs of jeans. (Insert weak smile.) I was very happy, but slightly mortified at how much moolah I easily smacked down for said jeans (and some shoes).

HOWEVER, then I arrived home with said jeans. And tried them all on. And then cried. And then cried again just for good measure. Let's just say that actual, true-to-form mirrors just aren't the same as the Gap's. Maybe I should have caught on when I actually looked quite tall. Boo, now I need to invest in the "skinny" mirrors that apparently all stores in the mall possess so as to feel like I actually look decent in a pair of pants.

Needless to say... at least my treadmill purchase is now getting a run for its money... get it?? RUN for its money? (That's a pun. A good one, too.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Holla atcha girl

For some odd reason, this phrase has been coming out of my mouth on a more-than-once-daily basis. Why?! I don't know. Just embracing my true roots... remember the nostrils and my utterly intense fascination with rap?


That was really my only reason for writing this post, I really wanted to inform you all, all 2 of you, that I have been using that phrase on all too frequent basis and if you hear that cool slang erupt from my untamed tongue while snapping my finger in the air, it's because Dust hasn't grown too old of my latest 2-week craze. So it's still going.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Give me some o that WHITE chocolate!

My newest favorite item of the vast palette of expensive (and expansive) taste that falls on my tongue lies under the category of health and nutrition: white chocolate. After learning that white chocolate mochas are more of the milk chocolate variety, my new favorite drink is theeeeee whitechocolatepeppermintmocha. And yes, you HAVE to say it all in one breath, or it just doesn't taste as good. Really, it's true.

My parents-in-law have an espresso maker and my sister-in-law is a barista, in fact, she's MyFavoriteBarista. And I just love the combo of power at their house. Anyway, Victizzle decided to bring me desserts and treats all last week in celebration of my birthday (and, unbeknownst to her, to make me gain 10 pounds). She called from the local bakery "if one were to buy something at the bakery, what might one buy?" And in all honesty, I really thought she was seeking advice on this tempestuous choice. Then. I. Caught. On. Oh deary me, I get a treat today! And treat it was. Have you ever heard of a white chocolate brownie? Oh you can bet I will now be a repeat customer because it was oh-so-truly delightful! Not to mention the fact that she also brought me a mocha, as well as a whole pan of brownies. Not just a brownie, this time it was a whole pan!! So much for a diet of any sort!

Wow. Who knew chocolate had no bounds. Especially since, in all its glory, IT IS WHITE, my friends, WHITE!

And if enough weirdness doesn't already flow through the familial genes, check out the odd mirrored email that my sister just posted.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My sentimental sweetheart

Dust is truly the love of my life. He is the perfect completion of me. Where I am weak, he is strong; what I lack, he makes up for in abundance. God KNEW what He was doing when He matched us together. (Obviously, being omniscient kinda helps out a wee bit in that area.)

This weekend we had a choice between 2 rooms. One had a king bed and the other had a queen bed with posts. No worries, this won't go into detail. Dust asked which one I wanted and I didn't care. But he inched me toward the one that was the same as our first night together. It was sweet that he thought like that, especially because I don't.

Then today, he brought me flowers at work. A BEAUTIFUL bouquet with flowers I've never seen, which doesn't take much since my thumb is as far from green as the color wheel allows. (I killed a cactus, okay?!) He asked if I liked the colors, white and coralish. I said "Yeah, I love 'em!" Good, cause they're the colors of our wedding.

Awwww, that's so true. Awwww, I hadn't even remembered that. Which one should I cry over? I just don't know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!

Yay, it was my birthday on Monday, and now I am officially a quarter of a century! No sarcasm even, I love getting older (at this point in my life), especially because I LOVE the fact that I would have never dreamed where the Lord would take me (and what He's taken me through) to bring me to where I am today, but would never, ever want to change it!

We had a nice little celebratory weekend doubling up on celebrating bday and anniversary because they are 2 DAYS APART! I am crazy, yes I know, a birthday and a wedding with an April Fool's Day in the middle really ages a person, oh yes it does. But we went out this weekend to eat more times than I actually ate. We really didn't, but it sure felt like it.

The most romantic thing, I must say, was that Dusty exclaimed he had figured me out. I smiled all sweetly just overwrought with expectation for an overly gracious (but oh-so-desired) compliment to sweep me off my feet and into his soon-to-be outstretched arms. "Okay, so... since your nostrils are SO large, all the dust gets just sucked right up there and then comes outta your ears. See, figured ya out."

Okay, wow. I mean, RO-MAN-TIC, if I do say so myself. Two things one might need to know about me to understand, if possible, that odd statement that came out of his mouth when I was expecting the word "beautiful" to be used at least once.

One, I have strangely large nostrils, especially when you consider the size of my face. I always said I was part black, it sucks that the only part is my nostrils. Oh, and I never (repeat, NEVER) blow my nose, unless I start suffocating on the snot build-up in the back of my throat when I have a cold or when I've sniffed so much rattling snot (you know the kind) that I've just performed the mating call of fifteen different wild species at the same time and Dust can't take it anymore and will make me blow my nose. Lovely, I know. Very refined as well.

Two, I produce an abnormally large amount of earwax. Another lovely tidbit about me that I'm sure you REALLY wanted to know. We go through Q-tips quicker than I can buy them. Bulk is no longer cheap enough, I'm talking shipments people. Needless to say, holding up a discolored yellow Q-tip and comparing it to his sparkly white one is truly a joke that only I laugh at. Not even a chuckle out of him.

It's a wonder Dust is still saying such sweet things after 3 years when there are so many great options for compliments.

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