Sunday, October 19, 2008

Addicted to blogging?

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Yeah, so if I'm 72% addicted, I can only imagine how addicted VintageDutchGirl is....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Male bonding

Well, I am home alone (and LOVING IT)!!! Maybe I shouldn't announce that to the world, but I do cherish my time at home, I really do! Last night my mom and sister and I had a girl's movie night where we ate WAY too many pieces of pizza. Seriously, I ate more than I ever have before. Today, I will be working out... hopefully.

And today, well, I haven't exactly accomplished a lot of anything except catching up on relaxation techniques. Watching some tv on the internet, clicking away on Craigslist, watching Reba while eating lunch in bed, falling asleep watching Reba in bed, and now back on the computer. It has really been a tough day.

Dust decided to head out with some men from our church and take up a new sport: salmon fishing. Ohhhh, he was excited. He came home on Tuesday and asked me to close my eyes. Then he hauled out all of his new equipment and showed it to me piece by piece. I thought two of the hooks looked like some pretty cute earrings I saw in the store the other day, he didn't take too well to that comment.

The worst was when he thought he'd "impress" me by wearing his new wader boots... um, just them. I told him to not even think about it and that there is no way that I would like it. So he didn't. PHEW!!!

So being the good wife that I am, I hauled my butt out of bed on Thursday morning at 5:45 to drop him off in town. I received this lovely comment "Wow, you 2 must be newlyweds, my wife didn't even wake up to say goodbye!"

Should I have said, "Oh sir, we only have one car right now." Nahhh.

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