Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello, I'm 14

Okay, so I'm not but I felt that way the other day. Mom M called and asked if I wanted to be pampered. Uhhhh, YES!!!! So she picked me up (after I bought a Starbucks coffee--if you're gonna be pampered, you must go all the way) and brought me with Grandma H to get our nails done. Yay!

Let me tell you, I needed them done. Now as scary and seriously harmful as my toenails are, they didn't compare to my freakishly long pinky nails. Lovely, I know. Rather than cut them, I naturally assume they'll break off soon enough. Unfortunately I freaked out some children the other day with them. Juuuuust kidding, they aren't that bad.

So we get there, and I picked a color out. I was debating between 2 and decided to go for the pinkish color with a bit of shimmer. A bit of a feminine detail that I thought Dust might appreciate. So I get my pampering massage, she finishs the nails, and THEN I stop to look at the color. Oh my goodness, I lost a decade of my life and felt like I coulda joined middle school.

Let's just say that "shimmer" is actually code for "SPARKLES, UH HUH!"


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Sparkle sparkle! They were cute!

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