Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh a polling we will go

Okay, so I added a poll to the blog and I would love it if you would vote! So, please just make this preggo lady a bit happier and cast your vote! :)


Dana Lohrer said...

I voted for a girl! So are you all finding out or are you waiting until the little comes into the world? I loved having Jaycee first!!! I think the best part of having a girl is how you will see Dusty, melt before you very eyes!!! I still remember the first few days of Jaycee life. Byron would sit and hold her for hours just staring! It was amazing!!! They now have a bond that is indestructible!!! That is my vote! Either way it will be incredible!!! For me it was pretty special to have a little boy! My family was without one for 50yrs! So that was pretty cool!!!

Anonymous said...

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