Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, tonight Dust comes home from his mission trip in Haiti and I can't wait to see him! Last night I basically tortured myself by choosing to watch romance movies. Why, when you've been without your man for a week, do ya turn to sappy chic flicks?

Well, self-induced affliction or not, I really started to miss him. He used to be gone all the time when we first got married for paintball. One of the things I would do while he was gone was a fixer-up project on the house to surprise him when he came home.

And although I told him I'd clean the whole house by the time he got home... it seems as though the couch won out on that battle. So instead, I decided to dye my hair! Fair enough, I say.

I walked into work (on my day off) and zipped off to the kitchen to drop off my purse and our receptionist spun around wondering who just walked past her. Well, turns out they both thought I was my sister. :)

But... now I fit back into my family, I am once again a brunette! The blondish hair didn't last as long as I thought... my 4 inch roots made an appearance way too quickly and needed to be taken care of!


Megan said...

It always seems with a baby on the way, your thinking goes more towards the "practical" spectrum. LOL! Can't wait to see it.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Welcome back to Brunetteland...we've missed you :)

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