Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My daily treasure hunt

Gold? Money? Oh no, that's right, I'm just searching for my ankles.

Yeah, since about day 2 of being pregnant, my legs have lovingly inflamed to about twice their normal size... really, it's lovely! I even wear the pregnancy socks that are designed to improve circulation but do they work??? Nope.

My big mistake was when I headed to Olive Garden and decided to get the soup, I just LOVE their soup, especially the pasta e fagiole. Mmmmm, delicious! However, it apparently packs enough sodium to feel your legs full of water for 4 days straight and I'm Not. Even. Kidding. It's quite the feeling to gain 4 pounds in one day lemme tell you....

Let's just see if we can pull the sodium through to day 5. I was really hoping to impress my doctor tomorrow with the good news that I had eaten healthy all month and hadn't gained any weight, but oh how my legs (aaaaaand the scale) will tell a different story. Boo.

Well I'm off to bed now only to wake up in search of my cankles, er, I mean ankles.


Megan said...

Awwww...sorry! Funny enough I didn't really notice my feet swelling, until AFTER Sky was born...then I was like...oh looky there! That's what normal ankles look like! I forgotteded! :)
Congrats on the lil' guy....he is so handsome!!! You are going to LOVE mommy-ville!

Megan said...

Miss your posts girl! :)

Tara & Dave said...

I'm coming to Washington this summer. We should all get together.

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