Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BEFORE and After

Well, it was extremely clear to me that I had retained a wee bit o water during my pregnancy. I'd like to say that ALL of my weight gain was solely water. No? Can't say that? Shoot! Well, let me try to justify then.

To further substantiate my claim to edema, I submit the following into evidence. Exhibit A is a picture of my feet during pregnancy. Oh, sorry, I mean my ginormous CANKLES!

And just so I can thoroughly prove my point, say hello to another flattering angle....

And now you know why: (a) I did NOT wear shorts; and (b) I didn't walk to induce labor. Cause I couldn't. So really, if thought about long enough, one might conclude that the amount of water retention combined with the doctor's order to stay laying down with my feet up could, I repeat COULD(!!!) have been the catalyst in the volume of extra pounds that were so lovingly packed onto my hips and therefore my friends, I can logically blame it all on the water retention. Oh I am so the daughter of a lawyer....

And now to further prove my point; I took a picture of my feet now. Hello ANKLES, welcome home!

I honestly didn't know if I would EVER see them again! And if you look closely enough, you can even see some veins.
Did you know that there are bones in your foot? I have just been reminded!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

It's just so lovely to see your beautiful ankles again :) Glad they are back!

Dana Lohrer said...

Oh, Becca! That must have been miserable! Like your sis, I agree I am so glad your feet and ankles have returned!!! I am also glad you are back to blogging! I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs!!! Hope all is well!!! Love you guys!!!

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