Monday, August 10, 2009

Names for children

Well, since both of our kids are already named (phew!), I was actually leaning toward giving them nicknames. I love reading blogs when they use cute, little nicknames for their kids.

I tuned into my most creative side and came up with absolutely nothing. And since I must be THAT pathetically uncreative, I asked Dust what I should call them. Other than cute as a button of course....

So without further ado... I introduce Queso. As strange as that sounds, it was between that, Milky, or Chocolate Milk. We like food here peoples! For the record, it does sort of make sense... at least to us, and really that's what counts. Isaiah's given name in Ethiopia (and also his first middle name) is Melkiso, and since that sorta sounds like queso, we went with it. Maybe a BIT of a stretch, but you'll just have to deal with it.

And as for our little Gaberlicious, she'll now be known as Grapenut. AGAIN, we. like. food. Okay?! (Do you think she knew in this picture that she was going to start losing her hair on the sides and was trying to protect it orrrrr is that what made it disappear? It remains a mystery.)

And since I couldn't pass up this picture (taken at the same time as the first pic), I thought I'd share what will probably grace our walls someday soon. I say probably because the likelihood that I think ahead enough to send this to the printer is HIGHLY unlikely. But we'll see.

Good thing I didn't show you a recent picture of them holding hands, because Queso could probably slice her right open with how freakishly long his fingernails are. Yee-ouch! I keep putting it on my to-do list everyday but it just never seems to get done... that and the dishes.


Megan said...

Its okay, no one cares about a clean house once you lay your eyes on those cuties! And, I LIKE the nicknames! They are adorable!

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