Thursday, August 6, 2009

School has begun

School started about 6 weeks ago when this little one entered our world at 6 lbs, 15 oz on June 25. We'll call her Lil Lady. And she LOVES to sleep like this (but her mean Mama makes her sleep swaddled so she sleeps longer).

Then 2 weeks ago our 6-month old lovely ladies' man entered our world on July 19 at 13 pounds. This is my first car ride with him... he smiles a lot!

Well, 2 kids and counting... literally counting: (1) down the hours of the day til nap time; (2) the number of minutes they are both happy and content; (3) the number of times I feed them each during the day... you get the picture.

I'm also learning other things as well:
-how to b-feed and bottle feed both babies at once
-how to pick up 2 screaming chill'ins and bounce on the side of the bed to calm them and in front of the fan to dry my own tears (only slightly joking with that one)
-how to eat every time I have even ONE spare minute and how there is absolutely no time to "prepare" any meal
-how people shouldn't complain about being busy when they only have one child
-what white noise is and that it is now my BEST friend because the kids don't wake each other up in the middle of the night!!!
-how I was completely excited to dress them up all cute but when it comes right down to it, the hour and a half I spent preparing to leave the house leaves cute outfits as an afterthought once we're already halfway to our destination
-how much a 6-month old can spit up
-how I constantly imagine hearing them crying in the other room when they're deep in their REM sleep
-how great it is that I can finally set down our 1-month old because she is now entertained with our 6-month old... phew my arms get a break!

Oh, and of course the complete and utter lack of patience I found I have after 10 full minutes of screaming... nothing like a child to make you stop and listen to yourself, well, when your eardrums start working again.

But overall, you'd think I'd be losing it at this point, it has gotten WORLDS better and is going quite well with both of them. They're already becoming friends, I can just tell... only soon to be enemies once they learn the word "mine".

But weirdest of all is that with all that's going on as a busy mother of two, I only NOW feel the desire to blog again... hmmm.


Jagers said...

Sounds like these are going smoother!! So happy for you guys and your new beautiful family of four:)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yay! She's a'bloggin again! And I KNOW why you are now feeling the desire to are stuck at home most of the time, you have thoughts stuck in your brain, you need to share these stuck thoughts with someone who is an ADULT and the best way to do that in your own time, and on your own schedule (in between b-feeding, bottlefeeding, eating, diapering, peeing and slight sleeping) is by blogging :)

Love you! And welcome back.

Megan said...

Of course you are finding a need to blog! Its your brain break! :) Welcome back I can't wait to hear your many stories of busy life as a mom! :) You guys are in our prayers as you are adjusting to your new crazy schedule!

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